10 Virtues of a Righteous Daughter of God

*****If you printed this document before Jan 31, 2005, you got a file with Chastity misspelled! The problem is fixed now, so please reprint. Thanks for letting me know about the spelling error, Chris! *****

This document lists the 10 virtues described by Elder Faust as those of a righteous daughter of God:

1. Faith
2. Honesty
3. Chastity
4. Humility
5. Self-Discipline
6. Fairness
7. Moderation
8. Cleanliness
9. Courage
10. Grace

These are black and white, 2 per page.

I suggest you print out the page, trim either just outside or just inside the black box, and glue the list on a pretty piece of scrapbook paper or cardstock.

The font used on this clipart image is named Scriptina and it can be downloaded for free from DaFont.com. Please be aware that daFont is not safe for kids. Also, Scriptina is a homemade font and has some spacing issues that may frustrate you….

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