Mini Nauvoo Temple Replica – 2 inches


Nauvoo Temple Replica Mini 2″. Resin.


This LDS statue was custom designed by the creative team at One Moment in Time.

The LDS statue, Mini Nauvoo Temple Replica – 2 inches, is made of cultured marble.

Nauvoo Temple Replica Mini 2″. Resin. This is the perfect LDS statue for your home or office.

About One Moment in Time

One Moment in Time has been designing LDS products since 1992. OMT is a maker of fine LDS jewelry, including CTR rings for boys and girls, Joseph Smith rings, and LDS necklaces. They also create LDS statues, like the popular Joseph and Hyrum Smith statue Brothers, temple statues, and replicas of the Christus statue. Some of their most popular items are LDS Historical replicas, like gold coins, Joseph Smith rings, and Nauvoo temple plates. All OMT designs are high quality items you’ll be pleased to own or share as gifts.

Shipping Information

Shipping is made within 24 hours on most products. Many items will be delivered within 48 hours in Utah.

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