Young Women Values Flip Flop Craft

Making these cute flip flops is super easy! Each pair takes about 25-30 minutes to complete, so this makes a great mutual or camp craft.

Preparation / Supplies

With a little fabric scrounging, you can do this craft for just the cost of flip flops!

Gather fabric scraps in the young women’s value colors: whie, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, purple, and gold. Each shoe takes approximately 27 fabric strips measuring 1 inch by 8 inches.

The fabric in this example is stuff I had laying around. You can buy fabric if you want, but it’s likely you and the other leaders have plenty of fabric to do this craft. Don’t be afraid to ask the girls’ mothers for scraps, too. Most people are THRILLED to find a use for that fabric stash!

You don’t need to cut the fabric ahead of time.

You will also need scissors and a pair of flip flops for each girl. The flip flops I used cost $1.00/pair at Michael’s Craft Store. You can probably find them at dollar stores, or the girls might even have old flip flops they’d like to use.

Grab a ruler or two before you leave the house, too. You only need one or two, because after you do the first strip you can use that strip as a guide for the length on the next strips. This is not an exact science — “close” measurements are fine.


These flip-flops are so easy to make — if you can tie your shoes, you can make this craft! Just follow these easy instructions.

Step One: Make the Fabric Strips

Cut a 3/4 inch notch in your fabric about 1 inch from the edge:

Then tear the fabric to make a long, fuzzy-edged strip:

Don’t be shy!!! Rip it:

Cut the fabric strip to measure approximately 1 inch by 8 inches, as shown below:

Step Two: Tie on the Fabric Strips

Starting at the outside edge of the flip-flop, tie the fabric strips on just as you would tie your shoelaces together:

You can double knot if you want to, but a single knot will hold and it also makes EXTREMELY fuzzy flip-flops that look so cute!

Continue tying the fabric on around the strap in order of the YW values (white, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, purple, gold):

Step Three: Show off

Show off your “valuable” new flip flops:

Did you make this craft?

Email us a picture, and we’ll add it to this page to share with others.

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