Trip to the Temple grounds

For Learning and Living the Gospel #8 in the FAITH IN GOD BOOK FOR GIRLS we decided to take them to the Temple Grounds. It was October and so beautiful. We took pictures and shared details about our particular temple (Boise, Idaho) when built, dedicated, etc. Then the other Activity Days Leader is a Temple worker, so she shared her thoughts and feelings and helped the girls see the importance of preparing now to be able to enter the temple. We took sack lunches and blankets and went across the street where there was a church building and had a picnic on the grass. We had asked the girls to bring a family story they could share. That went well. I had prepared a little booklet with information etc. about the temple and also pedigree shart and a family group sheet which they were to fill out at home which we gave them before returning home. We decided to do this activity on the Tuesday after school that we always do. We picked the girls up from school stopped at the park where they could use the rest room and gave them a snack. We, also, had a prayer before leaving. It takes about an hour to get to our temple. It worked out well, because the girls didn’t have school the next day, so the parents didn’t mind them getting home latter than usual.

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