Thought Book

The idea is to prepare a book of at least 730 thoughts from one liners to whole paragraphs. The reason for the number is to cover every day of a 2-year mission. Add a few extra pages for the owners extra notes.

Make the book about A6 in size. (For those who use different paper sizes to England, that would be similar to about 1/4 of an Institute Manual or Church handbook.) Then it is small enough to be carried around if wanted.

We are doing it in YW as one of our girls has a brother due to leave in a few months and we want to have the book ready to give to him when he goes. It will give the missionary something to read every day and serve as a good reminder of friends and family back home.

This Young Man will be the first missionary from our Ward for several years but is the first of around 11 years worth of youth to go. We intend to keep the book going for all of them (and any older couples who should also venture forth.)

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