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The MTC Experience Youth Conference Theme

“Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come…” D&C 31:3

During Orientation/Check-in, assign each youth a “companion”. They must attend each workshop with their companion. Each person wears a badge with “Sister” or “Elder” and their last name. During welcome, have everyone repeat D&C 4, inserting “In the (name of ward), (name of stake)” after Verse 1.

Workshop Ideas: “M&Ms. Have You Had One Today?” (M&M stands for “missionary moment”. How to have M&Ms daily), “Letters from Home” (What things to include or not to include when writing a missionary. Second half of workshop have everyone write letters to missionaries.), “Before the Call” (Ways to prepare now for serving a full-time mission), and “Missionary Memoirs” (Invite 2 return missionaries to each share 1 or 2 memorable experiences.)

Service Project Ideas:
“Messages of Worth” Mark several copies of Book of Mormon for missionaries. Write personal testimony in front cover of book.

“Missionary Mealtime” Youth Help Plan and Prepare the Dinner or Lunch. Invite all area missionaries. Serve and feed missionaries.

Other Games/Activities:
“Missionary Simulation” (Game using homemade cars & dice to determine baptisms, etc.) Object: Bringing people to Christ is a great joy. Losing them is a great frustration. In summary, fulfilling a mission is a tremendous experience. It becomes a labor of love for people (cards) and their eternal progress.

“Missionary Relay” Have several stations. Time individuals or groups completing each task. Award points for completing and speed. Stations could be: Sew on a button, Iron Shirt, Folding Clothes, Memorizing D&C 4, Suit Up (put on suit coat and name tag), Scripture Chase a few key missionary scriptures.

“Missionary Moments” Split youth into several group. Each group is presented with a scenario, an obstacle that real full-time missionaries might encounter. They will have 20 minutes to figure out how they will overcome their obstacle. They will each need to present their obstacle and solution in the form of a skit.

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Last updated: September 18, 2006

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