Teaching with Puzzles

Today in Seminary we discussed Alma 40, where Alma teaches his son Corianton about resurrection. To get started I distributed in little baggies nine puzzle pieces with pre-written scripture references (found in the table entitled, “Alma Teaches Corianton about the Resurrection” on page 180 in the teacher’s manual).

The students were divided into teams of three each, with the responsibility of writing a summary on the back of each puzzle piece, regarding the scripture verses found on the front. Once finished with summarizing and writing on all nine puzzle pieces, they were to put the puzzle together and to select one word which summarized the theme of this chapter.

Then each team shared what they had found as I called out the various verses on the puzzle pieces.

Life is often viewed out in the world like an incomplete puzzle. Our brothers and sisters who have yet to learn about the gospel have pieces of understanding here and there – but perhaps not a complete perspective on things such as death, pain, heartache, etc.

Until one comes to an understanding of the need for a Savior and then a recognition of all He did, the puzzle of life is often left incomplete. That’s when we see frustration and venting on the part of individuals who are angry at God or even insistent that he does not exist.

I shared my testimony as to the importance of the gospel in my life. I’ve noticed that when I judiciously choose personal experiences to apply the day’s lesson, the kids really seem to sit up and take notice. Thus, today I showed these pictures below of my son who died of SIDS. The pictures were taken at the funeral home. (Seminary Mom posted pictures of her infant son on her blog, but I left them out for this re-posting. ~Jenny)

The students were really paying attention now as I testified and shared quotes from the teacher’s manual as to the resurrection and important truths we have learned due to modern day revelation. They, I believe, felt the spirit as I shared about our young son who one day will be returned to us. We may not always need to know why the Lord allows certain things to occur, but we can rest assured that He holds all the puzzle pieces in His hand and knows exactly how to lay them out in our lives.

I testified to the kids that the so-called “Sunday School answers” so easily given during class really do contain all of the puzzle pieces necessary to understanding this life, with all of its ups and downs. I testified that as they lived faithfully to what they know to be true, not only would they have peace, but when the time came for them to resurrect, joy would be theirs for eternity.

I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ and His willingness to do what He did so that we all might be resurrected one day. The Holy Spirit comes so strongly when talking about these things. What a blessing to have this knowledge in today’s world.


Originally from Seminary Mom‘s website. Archived here so it doesn’t get lost.

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