Short play for Relief Society Visiting teaching

This is a play was written for our beginning of the year visiting teaching kick-off.

The play is a comedy about how visiting teachers could have been a great help during the time of fairy tales. It is told by a very tired Fairy Godmother. She explains how if she had visiting teachers to help her in her prime how much easier her life would have been.

For an example if Snow White had her own visiting teachers then they could have called the paramedics when she ate the poison apple. Also Little Red Riding Hood wouldn’t have had to go through the dangerous forest but the visitng teachers could have brought grandmother a nice tuna casserole and a green J-ello (One of them being a daughter of the Utah pioneers could dispatch the big bad wolf in no time flat and use the fur in an enrichment night project for blankets for the homeless.)

You can download this skit here: Sisters Grimmish

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