Ship Camp Theme

Our camp theme is “Come along on the friendship cruise”. Every ward was given a cruise line to use as their theme. My ward is going to use the “anchored in Christ” theme along with our cruise line somehow. Anyhow….we were given the Alaskan Cruise line and we are suppose to have some kind of thing such as t-shirts, necklaces, or hats and so on to identify us according to whatever cruise line we are on. We are trying to come up with something that we can tie in to Alaska. We’ve thought about making some moose hats or something to do with fishing. Maybe some bearclaw necklaces???? We’ve thought about Eskimos but haven’t come up with anything to use

COME… BE FISHERS: – This year our Stake theme is Come With Me and Be Fishers of Men. Each ward has been assigned a portion of a ship that correlates with a portion of the gospel. For instance one ward was given the Rudder which relates to the Prophet that leads our church, another the sail which relates to our testimonies that will carry us along, the mast of the ship relates to our faith which holds us up and helps support our testimony. Then along with each portion of the ship we have also been given a value and a parable. The sail which is our testimony has been given the value Integrity and the parable of the Talents in Matt 25:14, then that ward decorates their camp along the Sail theme and their skit has to do with the parable etc. This is just one of the themes.

Our theme for girl’s camp is “celestial cruises” with each cabin being a “ship”. You wonderful people out there….can you share some “ship names” (besides…pls..titanic!)

For our Stake Camp this year we are using the theme “Sailing Home”….with each castle being a “cruise ship”. We will construct a “Lighthouse” at the center of camp. (don’t know HOW we will do that yet!) We have just begun with these ideas.

We used ship names last year at camp too, one for each of the tents we had. We chose the ships Columbus used. “Nina”, “Pinta”, and “Santa Maria.” It was great fun. We made lifesavers with the ship name on them. We used the sticky backed felt and cut the letters out and stuck them on Styrofoam donut forms. My husband built a lighthouse out of wood the would hold a lantern it was perfect. The lighthouse was in the center of our camp and it lit up the whole camp. We also had sailor type hats, one for all the girls that we decorated while we were up there with fabric paint.

Compiled from posts made at the lds-youngwomenfiles Yahoo Group

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