Seminary Mom: Revving Review Game

oday during our scripture mastery day, we did a “Revvvving Review.” This is where I have the kids take their scriptures and a paper and pencil and race through the Book of Mormon (or in Old Testament year the Old Testament, etc.), searching for all the mastery scriptures we’ve memorized thus far.

Here are the specifics:

The kids find the first scripture mastery as fast as they can and then write down the reference on the paper with a few key words (they use this “cheat sheet” with each other for the second half of the game).

They flip to the second scripture mastery (chronologically) and write down the reference and key words (they pick the key words themselves – whatever speaks to them).

They continue to do this until they finally reach the most current scripture mastery we’ve been working on. The goal is to do this as quickly as possible. I like to do this at least four or five times a year to give the students a good grasp on “the lay of the land” in their scriptures and where/how to find their mastery scriptures. It also helps them to find their own way of thinking about these important teachings and in determining their own key words to the verses.

Once everyone has arrived at the most current scripture we are studying, they divide up into teams of two each (adjust according to whether your class has an even or odd number of students).

The kids then write their partner’s name on the sheet, but they don’t give the sheet to their partner (yet). Taking turns, Student A will look at the cheat sheet they’ve created and call out for Student B the key words for one of the mastery scriptures.

The Student B grabs their own scriptures and tries to find the scripture within 15 seconds. If they are able to do so, they earn 100 Brigham Bucks (or whatever point system you determine).

If Student B is not able to find it, Student A circles that reference on the “cheat sheet” Student A created. Now the tables are turned to Student B. Student B now calls out a different scripture mastery from the sheet she created.

Student A then gets to find the verse(s) in their own scriptures in 15 seconds. If they are able to, they then earn 100 Brigham Bucks. If not, Student B circles that mastery scripture on the sheet Student B created.

This continues until you run out of time (or they’ve finished quizzing all the scriptures). Once done, they swap papers and are able to take home the sheet their partner created for them. This way, they can work on learning the scriptures better while they are waiting for the bus, before bed, etc.

The kids seem to enjoy this and seem to appreciate the effort they provide each other to become quite familiar with their scripture mastery! It’s a kick to be able to see their heads bobbing up and down as they race through their scriptures, working to improve their own lives. Feel free to vary this in any way you feel important!

May the Lord bless us all as we serve these great and important youth.

    This is another great idea from Seminary Mom‘s website. Archived here so it doesn’t get lost. Please share your ideas, too!

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