Physical or Emergency Preparedness Night

Check out my article on 72-hour kits and article on preparedness

Following are some ideas for use in mutual or other activities when you’d like to teach about physical or emergency preparedness.

The items I’ve taken out of the Personal Progress or Duty to God books aren’t just for boys or girls–they make thoughtful lessons for any group or individual.

These ideas also make good camp preparation activities:

    Start out using prophetic quotes about the importance of being prepared. Look at, the LDS Church’s welfare website.

    Learn First Aid and make a first aid kit (see a camp manual for ideas)

    Learn CPR and infant CPR

    Learn about Hypothermia and what to do to avoid it and treat it

    Learn to purify water and wash fruits and vegetables (Duty to God – Deacon)

    Learn emergency treatment for electrical shock, near drowning, serious burns, broken bones, heat exhaustion, and serious falls. (Duty to God – Deacon)

    Explain to your parents or priesthood leaders how to survive for 48 hours if lost in the wilderness, both in warm and cold seasons. Identify edible plants and animals, and explain how you would ensure the safety of drinking water. (Duty to God – Teacher)

    Learn and demonstrate the most important distress signals to use during a crisis or when you are lost. (Duty to God – Teacher)

    Let a young man teach first aid skills to family or quorum members. (Duty to God – Teacher, possibly Priest; being taught first aid skills by someone fills a Good Works Value Project for YW Personal Progress! Kill two birds with one stone!)

    Prepare a list of important phone numbers to be placed near all telephones. Include Ambulances, Police, Fire Department, Family Doctors, Dentists, Poison control centers, close relatives or friends who should be contacted in an emergency – FHE Manual

    Learn about preserving and storing food

    Plan meals for a month and multiply by 12 to determine how much food your family may need during a year.

    Make emergency candles

    Make a plan about what to do if the water, gas, or electricity was shut off for a day or a week.

    Make a plan for what to do in case of a fire, a tornado, an earthquake, a hurricane, a flood, a blizzard, an avalanche, or any other natural disaster that may occur in your area. Practice those plans with the young women. Have them practice with their families.

    Make 72-hour kits

    Have a powder puff mechanics night and learn to fix flat tires, change oil, etc….

    Have a speaker share an experience of a time they were glad they were prepared (with food storage, 72-hour kit, first aid training)

    Read D&C 38: 30, D&C 88: 119

Source: All About Mormons, Duty to God manual

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