‘P’ersonal ‘P’rogress ‘P’arty

A while ago, I saw an idea on this group for a “P” Party for Personal Progress. We just had ours this week and it was a huge hit! We sent out invitations in the mail for the girls and their moms to come to our “P” Party. They were told we would have pizza and pop and learn about personal progress. The girls were also encouraged to come dressed in things that start with the letter P. They were so creative and even the moms got involved. We had a little fashion show and ate and then we talked to them about the importance of Personal Progress. We also split up and talked to the girls about how we could encourage them and help them. Two of the Laurels also talked to the younger girls about the importance of getting started early. In the moms session, we talked to them about how they can help their daughters. After we all came back together, we had carmel popcorn.

This was a hugely successful activity. We had moms & daughters come that don’t usually come to anything! I think it was also a great way to talk about personal progress by having something fun, rather than the usual lecture about the program. This activity also emphasized for me how important it is to include the parents in our activities occasionally.

To follow up, every month the personal progress coordinators and myself (YW pres) are going to have little personal progress interviews with the girls to check in and see what they’re working on, or give them ideas.

Food Variation: Invite the girls to food that begins with ‘p’ — pink lemonade, pop-tarts, pickles, pop, etc.

Activity Variation: Watch a movie that starts with p, like Princess Diaries, and invite YW to a Personal Progress individual interview during the movie.

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