Patriotic Activities

These activity ideas are from YW Manual 2, Lesson 31: The Law of the Land.
I thought some of them would make good mutual activities. Remember when planning
this type of activity that the Church itself doesn’t support or affiliate with any
politician or political party.


  • Study the history, geography, wildlife, and other characteristics of your
  • t

  • Become acquainted with historical sites in your community.
  • t

  • Make or buy the flag of your country. Give it to someone or use it
  • t

  • Visit a place of national interest.
  • t

  • Learn more about your local and national government leaders.
  • t

  • Write a letter to a government official, expressing gratitude for something
    tthe or she has done.
  • t

  • Donate your help to a community cleanup project.
  • t

  • Find out from your community leaders if you can help in an energy conservation
  • t

  • Learn the traffic laws in your area, and encourage family members and friends
    ttto obey them.
  • t

  • Conduct a bicycle safety clinic for the children in your area.
  • t

  • Attend a town meeting.
  • t

  • Attend a public school board meeting.

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