Parable's Iron Chef


Before the activity you will need to bake cakes (enough for how ever many groups you will divide the youth into. We had one 9x13 and 1 round cake for each group.) Plus buy frosting, food coloring, and any fun decorations (oreo cookies, licorice, swedish fish, gummies, teddy grahams, goldfish, vanilla wafers, pretzel sticks, candies)
We divided the mutual into 6 groups: priests, laurels, miamaids, teachers, beehives, deacons. Each group had 45 minutes to decide on a parable or scripture story that they would demonstrate by decorating the cake. Some of the ideas our mutual came up with: Noah's ark (make an ark out of cake, had fish in the water, made animals out of misc candies) Wiseman and Foolish Man (had two houses-one built on rock, one built on sand), and Tower of Babel. After 45 minutes, they each read a little from the scriptures about their parable/story and talked for a minute about their cake. Then a panel of judges (random leaders) decided on awards for each of the groups-the top award being the Iron Chef Award.
The kids all worked so good together as a team, they were having fun and all seemed to be enjoying the activity, plus they walked away being reminded of some wonderful scripture stories. This was one of our best combined activities and didn't cost a lot of money.

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