Painting Wood Lighthouse

Cut out wood in the shape of a lighthouse. If it’s 1 in. thick it can stand on it’s own.
Different colors of toll paints
Small circular mirrors from Michales or Hobby Lobby or Walmart.
Carbon paper to help the girls write the 2006 on their lighthouses or have them just write it free hand. If you have time to do decopage then that would be the best. We didn’t have time but they still turned out really neat.

Have the girls paint the lighthouses to keep as a reminder of the theme for this year to “Arise and Shine Forth, that thy light may be a standard to the nations.” The girls had a great time painting them and were really creative, some used the value colors and some made theirs look very realistic. I talked about the theme before we began and how the mirrors that are placed where the light would go remind us as we look into them that we can be the light that helps to guide people to the knowlegde of the Savior.
We also are using these to decorate on Sunday’s and for special activities.
I can e-mail pictures if that would help you to visualize what we did.

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