New Life Photo Display

The young women all use cameras to take photos of things in nature that symbolise new life…flowers which have just bloomed, birds in nests, mother dogs/cats with their young,sunrises,lights that brighten the night…(this is a little more abstract), colours that stand for “new life”, Mothers with young babies etc. Again the youth can use their imagination…the sky is the limit! Once the photos are developed, the young women can mount a display using the photos as part of a foyer display for the ward Easter Sacrament program. The photos can have calligraphed captions beneath them with relevant spiritual quotes or Scriptures attached. If desired a focus photo of Christ (for artistic integrity a photo should be taken of existing church pictures of Christ/this ensures consistency in the way the display looks.) can be the linking part of the display.

(Use digital cameras to make this idea fit your budget better – Jenny)

Source: Geocities YWLDS

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