Mr. Hot Potato – Scripture Mastery Game

My kids are excitedly preparing for Scripture Mastery Day at the stake center at the end of the year. Thus meet Mr. Potato Head. He’s fast become one of their friends in this process.

Here’s how he has helped us this year when we’ve come to Fridays and are playing scripture mastery games.

1. One of the students will squeeze his tummy, to start the silly song he plays. One by one, the kids will pass him around the room.

2. When Mr. Potato finally squeals “Hot Potato”, the person holding him then gets to flip through the scripture mastery cards and select a scripture to test the rest of the group.

3. Having picked the targeted scripture, that same student then reads the historical or doctrinal background of the scripture and the other students race to find the scripture.

4. Once any of the students find the correct scripture, they then become a Head “Potato” and can roam the room helping the other students to also find the scripture. The goal is to have the room full of roaming “Head Potatoes.” :0)

5. Now that everyone has found the scripture, we drill key words, phrases, doctrinal setting, etc. After each one of those called out, the kids shout out the reference (I think they enjoy the being really-loud-part).

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My goal is to build team camaraderie and individual ability to find these scriptures. I know that there will be future times in the lives of these youth, as they grow up, where they will be faced with their own personal trials. They will need to be able to find these scriptures, perhaps under times of duress or times of great sorrow. Whatever the moment may be, these training days for Scripture Mastery will serve them far more into the future than just for the big game day at the Stake Center at the end of this year.


Originally from Seminary Mom‘s website. Archived here so it doesn’t get lost.

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