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Have the girls layer the ingredients in the jar one at a time. After each addition, shake the jar, or bump it on the table till it is packed down good so everything will fit in the jar. Layer the ingredients according to color, ie., flour, oatmeal,brown sugar, white sugar, so it will be more colorful. I found that it works better if you put the oatmeal in the blender and blend it till it’s fine, it fits better into the jar and it makes a better texture of cookie. You can blend the cinnamon in with the oatmeal. Add raisens, nuts and/or chocolate chips at the very end.
Put the lid on the jar, cover with a square or circle of colorful fabric cut with pinking sheers (optional). Screw on jar ring, punch a hole in the recipe card, string the ribbon through and tie around jar ring. You may need a little drop of glue to make the ribbon stay.

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