Mia Maid Rose Necklace

Mia Maid Rose Necklace

My daughter who is about to move up from the Beehive class to the Mia Maid class came up with this adorable necklace design.  It’s simple, classy, and easy to make.  She’s awesome!

Step One: Assemble Your Materials

For this project you’ll need

(The rose cabochon, jewelry bail, and jewelry cord are available in our Mia Maid Rose Necklace Kit.)


Mia Maid Rose Jewelry Supplies

Mia Maid Rose Jewelry Supplies – pliers, jewelry cord, adhesive, spoon jewelry bail, rose cabochon

Step Two: Glue the Bail to the Cabochon

Use an adhesive that works on both metal and resin or plastic to glue the textured side of the  bail on to the cabochon.

Glue and Jewelry bail

Put the glue on the textured face of the jewelry bail. This helps the glue stick better, and it makes the pendant hang correctly against your body.

Mia Maid Rose Necklace back

Follow the instructions on your adhesive to ensure that the bail sticks to the the cabochon.


Step Three: Attach the new pendant to the jewelry cord

After threading the pendant on to your jewelry cord, thread the

Pinching the clasp closed.

Insert the open end of the cotton cord into the clasp. Pinch the last ring or two of the clasp tightly closed.


Mia Maid Rose Necklace

Completed Mia Maid Rose Necklace

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