How to: Make a Young Women Bracelet for Christmas or Birthday Gifts

How to make a young women values sparkle bracelet

Step One: Assemble your YW Bracelet materials:

What you need to make a Young Women Values Sparkle Bracelet:

  • one jewelry cord with clasp
  • nine rondelle 8mm spacer beads with clear crystal rhinestones
  • eight fiber optic beads in value colors (Get all of the above items in my NEW Young Women Values Sparkle Bracelet kit)
  • scissors
  • needle-nosed pliers
  • super glue (optional)

Step Tw0: Thread the Beads:

String the  young women value beads in this order: rondelle, white, rondelle, blue, rondelle, red, rondelle, green, rondelle, orange, rondelle, yellow, rondelle, purple, rondelle, gold, rondelle.

If the end of your cord starts to fray, just cut off the tip.  You can also try using a little beeswax to help the cord ends stay together as shown in the video below:

Step Three: Measure Your Wrist and Tie Knots:

Now you’re going to tie some knots in the cord to keep the beads from sliding around and leaving unsightly gaps.

This awesome picture is slightly out of focus, but you can see that the 10mm and 8mm beads measure about 3.75 inches in total length.  Add about .75 inch to account for the length of cord taken up by the knots, and you get 4.5 inches. Use that number to help you calculate how much space you need near your knots.  I use about 1 inch, but I have very small wrists.  An average sized person will use about 1.5 inches between the spring and the first knot.


Leave a little bit of space between your second knot and the beads.  If you don’t leave this space, your bracelet will end up too stiff.  I do just under a quarter of an inch to allow flexing on my bracelets.

When you’re done with the knots and measuring, your young women sparkle bracelet will look something like this.

Step Four: Cut the Cord and Glue

Cord cut, sir.

This is a close up of the cord and lobster claw clasp.  The cord inserts into the spring as shown below.

Nifty, huh?

I like to put a tiny drop of super glue on the spring just before I insert the cord when I’m making bracelets. The beads are so close to the spring that sometimes it’s difficult to hold and insert the cord while supporting the bracelet, and while simultaneously trying to pinch the spring closed.  It’s difficult to see in this picture, but I’ve pinched the last loop of the spring tight onto the bracelet cord using a pair of needle-nosed pliers.  Pinching that last loop tightly completes the assembly!


Step Five: Wear your Bracelet!

Get the Young Women Values Sparkle Jewelry Kit

Get your YW values sparkle kits here! The kit includes the beads, clasps, and cord you need to make this gorgeous bracelet!


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