Lip Gloss and Kindness

M’Shelle D.’s activity days class made home made lip gloss and then had a lesson on kindness, relating to the cute poem:


I have this pot of lip gloss,
I’ll put some on each day.
I do it to remind me
To choose the words I say.

I’ll try to speak with kindness
to everyone I meet.
I’ll try to spread some happiness
to those that I may greet.

This pot of gloss reminds me
of the values I hold dear,
The colors are so cheerful
and the message is so clear.

If I want to live the gospel
I’ll choose each word I say
I’ll speak in just the kindest words
and I won’t forget to pray!

This could make a great unity activity for Young Women (probably in the Beehive age group) or even could be used as a Personal Progress motivator because of the mention of the values.

Download the Lip Gloss Cards

Do a search for “lip gloss recipe” to find tons of ideas on how to make lip gloss.

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