Light the Fire Within


OPENING CEREMONY: YW Leaders leave –

Commentator: Gary

* Gary say: “Welcome to the Sunburst Ward- 2004- YW in Excellence- Light the Fire Within”!

*** Start Music – “Olympic Theme” plays – Leaders walk in carrying Value Flags – 8 Leaders (Kathie w/ torch – all wearing a medal) walk 6 feet after one another – to the front of room (50 feet) Music got quiet – then each walks to the front center.

Leaders say: “I am an Olympian of Faith” & place flag in base & sit down – Faith-Debbie; Divine Nature-Karen; Ind Worth-Amy; Knowledge-Helene;
Ch & Accountability-Katie; Goodworks-Tuesdee; Integrity-Roxann

Kathie says: “I am an Olympian, I stand for truth & righteousness, I am a daughter of God”

Kathie lights Torch –

*** Stop Music –

Song: “Light the Fire Within” – Debbie, Cory, Michelle South –
Talk: Kathie Smith (10 mins)
YW Presentations

*Gary: Read Poem: Torchbearer” (“Chariots of Fire” accompaniment by Roxann)

Presentation of Gold Medal to YW (“We are the Champions” played)

* Gary say: ”Now it is time to award our Olympians with their gold medals – Please come
up when your name is read and stay until everyone has received their award”

*** Start Music –
* Gary – read each YW’s name – (Kathie give each YW a medal – Karen give flags)

* Gary say: “Brothers & Sisters, here are your Sunburst Ward Olympians”!!! (Clap)

Closing remarks: Bishop
Closing song: “Carry the Torch” – YW Leaders
Closing prayer:

****I made some clipart for another event that might fit with this theme. Jenny***

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