Joseph Smith Mutual Activity (Joseph Smith Jeopardy)

Welcome: (we are presenting a gift to a YW who just moved into our

Hymn: Praise to the Man


Testimony: Their is a YM who is being baptized tomorrow and he will share his testimony.

Branch President speaking about living their standards while at school. And being missionaries.

Then to activities:

They are playing Joseph Smith Jeopardy. (Thank you to the sister who posted this), each will be given a bookmark(thanks to, I copied and laminated them and put eyelets in each and a dark blue ribbon.


Church Spelling Bee….I came up with a huge list of church related words to use.(the girls came up with the idea but don’t want an unfair advantage of knowing what the words are). (prize for winner is
a huge chocolate bar and the others get those mini bars you buy at Halloween, yup Halloween candy is now out.

Closing Prayer

Taco Time…YW are craving tacos so we will have a taco bar. We don’t usually do big meals like this, but it is the end of summer vacation.

April (from the Yahoo! Groups lds-youngwomen

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