Jenny Phillip’s A Great and Marvelous Work program with music

Jenny Phillips, accomplished LDS singer/songwriter, has kindly allowed me to publish her musical program A Marvelous Work and a Wonder. You can download the full program with sheet music and skit here.

This program is appropriate for many types of activities on the ward or stake level, including YW in Excellence, New Beginnings, firesides, camp, and will work for the 2006 mutual theme continuing on the Restoration.

Please visit to hear samples of Jenny Phillips’s inspirational music!

Jenny is available for live fireside performances as well! Visit her website,, to find out more.

About Jenny Phillips

Jenny Phillips is a fresh face to many listeners, but she is a music industry veteran. Filled with a passion for songwriting and a love of performing, this exceptional young singer and composer has already released three full albums of inspirational songs.

Jenny is now ready to leave her mark on music industry with the release of her fourth album, Journey Toward Zion, on Excel Entertainment Group’s newly created imprint Lumen Records.
Jenny has once again teamed up with award-winning producer Tyler Castleton on Journey Toward Zion.

Jenny has recently released a Spanish version of the Parables, following a very successful tour to Mexico. As with Jenny’s previously released projects, Journey Toward Zion is more than just a beautiful collection of songs. It can be produced as a stage performance, complete with script and performance tracks, available February 24. In addition to the four or five performances she gives every week around the intermountain west, Jenny receives requests from people and organizations all over the country interested in producing the performances themselves.

“When I was little,” says Jenny, “I would get all my cousins together and make them put on these performances. I would write the music and the script and rehearse everyone, and then put on a show for the parents.

“I was always putting on little shows for anyone who would watch,” she laughs. “My grandpa once told me that someday I could write these productions professionally and that they would be seen by lots of people. I believed him completely and never lost sight of that vision.”

Jenny’s determination and dedication to her music is as inspiring as her songs. Even while nine months pregnant she continued work on Parables. Within two weeks of the birth of her youngest daughter, Jenny was back in the studio t

Speaking of her love for music, Jenny continues, “There is a joy in writing music. There’s a joy in recording and producing music. But for me, there’s a special kind of joy in performing the music in front of people and knowing that other people are performing the music and experiencing it themselves.”

Trained by some of the most renowned voice teachers in the country, including Seth Riggs in Los Angeles and Jeffrey Skousen in Las Vegas, Jenny runs a private vocal studio in Salt Lake City. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English, having participated heavily in that university’s excellent music program.

Jenny lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and two children.

To contact Jenny, email her at [email protected].

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