JELLO Festival

The LDS culture has always had a tie to JELLO. So we decided to laugh and have a JELLO Festival. This is a great activity if you do not have a huge budget. We had a JELLO collection box in the foyer for everyone to donate old food storage. We then started planning the JELLO Festival we had:

Jello taste-testing: We made ballots and gave prizes who could name the different JELLO flavors

Jiggler Toss: This was great for the youth, we ran it like an Egg-toss but with JELLO

JELLO art: Great for the primary kids. We gave each child a paper plate and little bowls of watered Jello to paint with.

JELLO Mold competition: Many members brought a Jello mold and we voted on the best one.

JELLO-Pie eating contest: We siimply filled pie tins with JELLO and added whip cream

This was such a goofy activity, but I think that is why it was so much fun.

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