Itty Bitty Hunt

I got this idea from the Salt Lake Tribune’s hunt they do around town but scaled it down to be in the church building. Each team is given a page with 20 numbered pictures of very small areas that are in the building (the feet in a painting, the light switch on the stove, the medallion on the lamps in the foyer etc). The teams are also given a map of the building. Each team finds the pictures and labels it by number on the map. We started out with them sitting on the small chairs from the nursery and primary room to receive instructions. They were given itty bitty pencils (dollar store pencils I cut into thirds and sharpened). When they finished we checked to make sure they found them all and then gave them an itty bitty sticker and an itty bitty candy bar. For refreshments we served itty bitty ice cream sundaes (2 oz. size bowls) with toppings. I got the sample spoons from Baskin Robbins for them to eat them with. We also served itty bitty cookies both purchased and home made, itty french fries (potato sticks) and baby gold fish crackers. The advertising for this activity included itty bitty notes around the building. The Sunday before the activity I also had people wear itty bitty notes on their lapels. I had ward members bring ice cream and toppings. The committee provided the cookies etc. so they would go with the theme. Lots of ward members said they had a lot of fun that night!

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