How to make a CTR Necklace in 15 seconds

Make a CTR necklace in seconds with our CTR necklace kit!

Step One

Inside the CTR necklace kit, you’ll find a ball chain with fastner and CTR charm with jump ring.  Open the ball chain at the fastener by sliding either ball toward the large slot in the center.  You’ll feel a little resistance as you work.  Don’t worry — the ball chain won’t break.

Step Two

Slide jump ring on the CTR Charm (attached) on to the ball chain.

Step Three

Insert the ball at the end of the chain back into the large slot in the fastener.  Pull the chain toward the outside of the fastener.  You will feel a slight snap as the ball slips into position, and the chain will be aligned with the fastener and other chain.  If you see a kink, keep pulling on the chain until you feel the snap.

CTR Necklace

Completed CTR Necklace


Get an inexpensive CTR necklace kit.

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