Fredericksburg Virginia Stake Women’s Conference: “Have you Received His Image in Your Countenance”

I attended the Fredericksburg Women’s Conference in 2008. Attached to this activity are the documents they used to publicize it, and you can get their lesson titles there.

The theme was “Have you Received His Image in Your Countenance”.

To tell you the honest truth, I was so relieved to not be in charge of an activity that the whole thing is a blur. :) I remember the “He Changed Their Hearts” was particularly touching as the sister speaking mentioned her husband, who was a multi-year investigator who had not been baptized yet. I also attended the talk given by Bishop ___. It was very good.

Each sister only got to attend 2 of the hour-long talks during the conference. These conferences would include multiple speakers in different locations in the building with a meal to follow.

You can get some of the recipes (Chicken Ramen Salad and Carrot Cake) from this event here:

Both of these recipes are easy to prepare ahead of time.

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