Easy LDS Earrings

LDS ear rings usually cost around $6.00 a pair if you buy them already assembled.  That adds up fast when you’d like to give ear rings as gifts to your whole presidency or a class.

I’ve recently added do-it-yourself earring kits to my store here, and on Etsy, and you can make a pair of ear rings yourself for less than $4.00 a pair.   If you can pinch a pair of pliers, you can make your own ear rings.  It really is that easy.

Step One – Gather Materials


CTR Ear Ring Kit Shown. (Imagine there are two pairs of pliers here. Because there … are…. )

Our LDS jewelry kits include two charms, two french hooks, two jump rings, and two silicone stops.  You can buy the charms separately and use your own hooks or backs.  Our ear ring hooks are a lead-free/nickel-free alloy, but you may want to use your own hooks if you have a metal sensitivity.

NOTE: If you are making CTR ear rings, you will need two pairs of pliers.  All other sets just require one pair of pliers for assembly.

Step Two – Open the jump ring

Skip this step if your charm does not have a jump ring attached to it.


Open the jump ring by TWISTING ring apart. In this picture, my left hand is TWISTING in a counter-clockwise direction, and my right hand is twisting in a clockwise direction.

It’s important that you open the jump ring properly.  DO NOT PULL the ring apart, or it will become distorted, and your charm will hang funny.  Instead, twist the ring open by twisting each pair of pliers in opposite directions.


Step Three – Attach the Hook and Close the Jump Ring


This is every bit as awkward as it looks.

Slide the loop on the ear ring hook on to the charm and jump ring.



See how the the ear ring hook and charm are both connected through the jump ring?

Close the jump ring with a pair of pliers. If you opened your jump ring properly, you’ll see something like this when looking down on the jump ring through the split:


Drumroll please…..


Completed LDS Ear Ring


It’s so cute, and you made it!!!

Step Four – Optional Twist

Now, this may not bug you, but I like to have my ear rings facing forward when I wear them.  If you don’t follow this step, the charms on your ear rings will face out, slightly to the sides when completed.  If you are like me — no worries — you can twist the ear ring hook and cause the charm to face forward like this:


Hold the TOP LOOP tightly while twisting.


Grip the top loop (the one on the ear ring hook, not the jump ring) tightly with your pliers.  Twist it until the charm is facing the direction you prefer.


Charm now faces forward when worn.



It takes about 2 minutes to complete one pair of ear rings.


Please take a look at our ear ring and LDS jewelry kits:


Free Instant Download

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