Campfire Program Ideas

Planning Campfire Programs

Priesthood Purposes
Have leadership experiences by-
1. Having quorum members arrange for skits, songs, games, or special speakers.
2. Having other quorum members responsible for preparing the campfire.

Strengthen families by inviting family members to take part in a campfire program. Build quorum brotherhood by-
1. Preparing as a quorum a skit, song, or game to demonstrate around the campfire.
2. Having a special campfire testimony meeting.

Young Women Areas of Focus
Recreation and the world of nature-
by enjoying an outdoor recreational activity.

Personal and social refinement-

by developing proper relationships with others.

Service and compassion-
by using this activity to involve inactive young women.

People who can help
Any ward or branch member

Things needed
Costumes and props for the skits
Guitar or other musical instrument to accompany the singing
Large campfire

How to do it
1. Skits. Divide the camp into groups and assign each group to prepare and present a skit. You may decide upon a theme for the groups to use in preparing their skits. Caution the groups not to offend anyone in their skits.

2. Songs. Divide the camp into groups. Ask each group to prepare and present a special song. After each group performs, the entire camp can join in resinging the songs on a guitar. The entire evening could be spent in group singing. Provide a printed sheet with the words to less familiar songs.

3. Testimony meeting. Begin with a hymn and prayer. The
person conducting starts by bearing his or her testimony and then turns the time to the group. Let testimony bearing be voluntary; do not go around the group one by one. Do not worry about periods of silence when no one is talking. End the testimony meeting with a hymn and prayer.

4. Games, Divide into groups and play games. Assign each group to teach a game to the other groups. Have a balance of action games and quiet campfire games.

5. Guest speaker. Invite someone to speak who knows how to communicate with the youth and inspire them. Be sure the bishopric approves of the speaker and the subject of the talk before the program.

6. True experiences. The person conducting should begin by telling a motivating true experience. He then invites members of the group to share their true experiences such as missionary experiences or family experiences. Suggest a time limit of 3-5 minutes for each person. End with an appropriate song or hymn.

7. Tall Tales. Have each camper tell a tall tale to the group. The person conducting should tell his or her story first so the others will have a model to follow. Allow 3-5 minutes for each tale. Judge the tales according to-
a. The most original.
b. The most believable.
c. The funniest.
d. The saddest.

An alternative activity is to tell a rotating story. One person begins a tall tale and then assigns someone to add to the story using his or her own imagination. Go around the group until everyone has a chance to add to the story. The last person must bring the story to a logical end.

From “The Activity Book”, Camping, pp 157-171. available from Church Distribution for $6.00.

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