Camp Theme Ideas

(A Note to Camp Leaders — usually a camp is based on the Mutual Theme for the year — in 2006 it’s Arise and Shine Forth. These ideas are here for inspiration!)

WOW – Warriors of worth – or Women of Worth – Each ward chose a righteous woman from the scriptures to focus on and report on. Also had a talk about putting on the whole armor of God, and avoiding Satan’s fiery darts. You could even choose women from church history to focus on.

Military Theme: “BOOT” Camp – Build On Our Testimony Read more on this theme

“B.U.G.S” which was an acronym for “Building Up Gospel Standards”. It was so much fun to plan and carry out…as we all know how many “bugs” there can be at girls camp. We assigned each ward a bug ie: ladybugs, dragon flies, butterflies, grasshoppers, fireflies etc. The YC’s were our ants because they were supposed to be the hard workers and the Stake leaders were the Bee’s…the camp director and her counselors being the “Queen Bees”. We had a theme for each day to go along with the bugs and we focused all week on the standards of our young women. Read more on this theme

Arise and Shine Forth – Whole camp awakens early every morning to watch sunrise and read scriptures. Sun is used as a theme. Could also use a lighthouse or the symbolism of the candle set on a hill that can not be hid.

Perfect Brightness: “Got Oil?” – based on the Parable of the 10 Virgins, each girl could make a lamp like those used in Jesus’ time out of clay to take home.

“Follow the Prophet” – Each ward picked a value and a story from the scriptures to use as a theme. The skits were depicting their theme also. Each camp had to write their own verse to the primary song, FOLLOW THE PROPHET and perform it. The wards did the chorus while each ward came up to the stage, to perform their verse. This really worked out well!

“Camp Survivor” – This was really fun too. It was based on the TV show. FUN! . They told all the girls that it was going to be Camp Hollywood, and then when they got there it was Survivor. They did some really cool things. On one afternoon they had stations all around the camp… One of them was trying to figure out how to move a #10 tin of water using ropes from one point to another and not touching with your hands (teaching team work) another one was a station where you had a little sack full of things, and then you had to eat them within XXX amount of time. There really wasn’t anything gross, but we all have different tastes…. there were things like mushrooms, yellow peppers, green olives, candy, (just about anything you could think of) It was a hoot. They had a BB shooting station. A station where you had to build a fire, cook a pancake, flip it, within a certain time limit, with no matches. Another station was on Testimonies, and another station was like a matching game using 5 gallon buckets with things underneath of them. It was like human matching. There were several other stations, but I can’t remember them right now.

We did a Book Of Mormon theme and each camp was named after their Bishop. Our Bishop was Bishop Wittwer, so our ward camp was called THE WITTWER-ITES. You could make a Title of Liberty or have a mock army obstacle course set up in a field and reenact war scenes in the Book of Mormon..

Heroes Of The Heart Our stake’s theme is Hero’s Of The Heart. We have 7 wards in our stake so each ward was assigned (actually we chose a sealed envelope) a value and a
Book of Mormon Hero to go with it. We will either do a video or a slide show to go along with a hero we choose. Anyway, here are the Heros and the value that goes with them.
Choice and Accountability – Alma The Younger; Good Works – King Noah; Faith – Nephi; Integrity – Moroni; Knowledge – Mormon (this is the one our ward got); Individual Worth – Amulek; Divine Nature – Enos; The scripture that goes along with our theme is D & C 4:2.

“Mission Possible: Eternal Life” – We are going to go the spy route rather than the missionary route. Our daily sub themes are: “Your Mission – Should You Choose to Accept…” (Basic training! 2 Nephi 31:16-21), “Hold On! Turbulence Ahead” (Facing the day to day trials – will do an iron rod experience that evening 1 Nephi 11:25), “Secret Service Agents” (Service! Service! Service! John 13:35), and “Return with Honor” (3 Nephi 15:9)

“Sweet is the Work” — which is centered on service….. they are emphasizing it all with candy and sweets so each ward is assigned to a different candy, like the SweetTarts Camp or Kamp Kisses.

“Be All You Can Be” – using army inspired stuff and the 6 B’s. We made up a song about the President Hinckley’s B’s. We made cute necklaces, using cording, a wooden heart and then wooden beads painted yellow and Black. Each girl was given the cording and heart, and then as they did acts of service without being asked, or doing things as soon as asked, they were given another bead for their necklace. See more on this theme

“Making Friends, One to One” – highlight was a rope bridge that the girls lashed about 10 feet off the ground – everyone participated

Angels Among Us – Great for a service oriented theme. We also learned the song “I Believe there are angels among us” for the stake singing time. Another great song for service is “Hands of Heaven” by Julie de Azevedo. (“Hands of Heaven” is available from for 99 cents.

We did “Angels in the Outfield” , which was based on doing good works for one another, and also baseball……returning to home plate (Heaven).

“It’s A Wonderful Life” – from the Jimmy StewardtChristmas movie – we are showing the movie – having a presentation about what do we know about angels? – re-naming the lodge as “Gower’s Drugstore and Soda Shop” – having angels and Christmas crafts – one group are taking the nickname “Bedford Babes” after the town in the movie “Bedford Falls”, having a class about “who are your heroes?”, etc.

“Shoot for the Stars” / “S.T.A.R.S. – Stand Together As Righteous Sisters”Read more on this theme

My Sister my friend – Some of the activities we did were: Solo walk, Friendship booklets, PJ’s fashion show and then tied in to Prayer, Journals, and Scriptures. We made friendship
bracelets, using seed beads, fish line and fish swivels. We gave each girl a single color of beads and then to make it colorful they had to ask the other girls to exchange beads, etc.

Back to the Future Each ward was a decade. Great fun with decorations and skits!

“When Nature Calls” was an Indian theme. We had fun with this also. .Read more on this theme

“The House that Christ Built” – Each day we built a part of a house, starting with a foundation. There are lots of parallels here.

“It’s a Jungle Out There” – have each group (ward or age group) have its own animal name or adventurer name Sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” Wear those explorer hats, necklaces with teeth on it Serve food with jungly sounding names.Read more on this theme

Plant the Seed — we used a flower theme to teach about reading the scriptures and letting them grow within you.

Linked together with Love – we used an Olympic theme (each unit a different country) and how we are all linked together as children of God

Spiritual Super Heroes – the Hero that you get goes with the value that your ward has been assigned. Like if your value color were green you would have to come up with a Spiritual Superhero that goes with knowledge…

E.R. (eternal rewards) – Of course everything was geared hospital and emergency room. Lots of scrubs and heart attacks. Each cabin something different.

Tool Time – using a tool box and different tools to represent the values.

Noah’s Ark – One year we centered our camp around Noah’s Ark and each ward were different animals and given a value and a value color to work with and then decorated their camp around that animal like birds, we had stuffed birds with each girls name on it hanging in the trees and then each camp level choose their own type of bird name, like the Quacking Ducks, Talking Parrots, Wise Old Owls etc. This was another fun one.

“Born to be Bold” – our camps were named after a metal, Bronze Babes, Iron Broads, Silver Sisters, you may be able to use the metal idea with. You could also do Jewels.

” Embrace the Truth and Look Upward” – The Camp director and the high up planning committee got it from a song and a scripture. It is to help us girls look ahead and to prepare for our temple covenants.

Pre-Pear Ye Use pears for a theme, talk about being healthy, food choices, nutrition, or even that we are all different (use different fruits). Preparedness, both spiritual and physical. Could assemble 72 hour kits or little school emergency kits — like Jenny’s Office Emergency Kits

Complied from a number of posts made at the lds-youngwomenfiles Yahoo Group

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