Be Prepared Activity Lesson


Be prepared in all things. D&C 29:8.

PURPOSE: It’s important to prepare for emergencies before they happen.

SONG: Be Prepared (see the end of the text)

LESSON: Explain what an emergency is. A general rule to follow is that: An emergency involves danger to your life or your property.

Take turns drawing an item from the basket (see setup above), discussing what the situation is, and deciding whether it’s an emergency (is there danger?) or non-emergency. If it’s an emergency, set the item on the red paper. If it’s not an emergency, set it on the blue paper.

Large bandage – tDeep cut, heavy bleeding-ttKnow how to care for bleeding wound
Plastic spider – ttBit by a spider on the hand – ttKnow how to care for insect bite
Matches – ttPile of leaves on fire in the backyard – tKnow how to put a fire out
Broken toy -ttFavorite toy has broken part – ttHave different glues for repairs
Twig – ttLost in the woods while on a picnic – tKnow outdoor safety rules
Dollar bill – ttStore clerk didn’t give correct change back – tCheck money before leaving store
Stuffed animal -tFamily pet hit by car – tttKnow animal hospital phone #
Bleach bottle – ttSomeone drinks from bleach bottle -tKnow Poison Control Center phone #
Baseball cap – ttCan’t find baseball cap before game – tKeep cap in specific place after games
Sunday shirt – ttButton missing-must leave for church – tCheck clothes before Sunday morning
Electric cord – tFrayed cord plugged in – ttHave a home fire safety check
School book – ttHomework assignment not finished – tParent checks homework each day by a certain time

The word “PREPARE” means “to make ready beforehand.”

To BE PREPARED means knowing what to expect ahead of time and practicing what to do before it happens. Review the emergency items sitting on the red paper. How can your family be prepared for these emergencies?

What is the difference between losing your baseball cap and getting lost in the woods?

Which one involves danger?

Which one is an emergency?

How would you feel if you were lost?

D&C 38:30: “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”

Why is it important that family members (including the youngest child) be prepared for emergencies?


You will improve your chances of being SAFE.

You will be MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY READY to meet the crisis. You will know what to do because you will have already acted it out. Children are especially vulnerable to psychological trauma after a disaster if they have had no preparedness training.

In an emergency, you have NO TIME TO PLAN ONLY TO REACT. If you have thought out the possibilities of what to do ahead of time, this will help you control your panic reactions and the emotional stress you’re going to feel. In split-seconds, you can make CORRECT DECISIONS.

You can HELP OTHERS who are hurt and afraid.

You may make the difference between LIFE AND DEATH.

You will be LESS AFRAID of the unexpected.

Preparation for one kind of an emergency can greatly increase your survival chances in other emergency situations.


_______(Tune: Yankee Doodle)_______

Our prophet told us to prepare
For famine and disaster.
If we obey our family will
Live happy ever after.

”Be prepared,”our prophet said.
“Store some wheat and honey.”
“Plant a garden, learn first aid,
and don’t forget some money.”

When father Noah built an ark
The people laughed and shouted.
But when the rain began to pour
Those people never doubted.


We have been warned in latter-days
There will be floods and earthquakes.
So put your house in order
And prepare before the dam breaks.


Please do not procrastinate.
Excuses have no muscle.
You’ll never find a better time
Than NOW! So better hustle.


From a post on the Relief-Society-L Yahoo Group list

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