Around the World in 1 hour 30 mins!

All the leaders dressed up in air hostess uniforms and we transformed our very small clerks office into the inside of an aeroplane.

The youth had to remember to bring their tickets and suitcases (that was optional!) We stamped each ticket before they boarded and then placed them in their seats. Once they were all boarded we did the emergency evacuation procedures. We then shew a clip of video only about a minute long of the first country we were flying to. Then all the youth got off the plane and went into a room which represented a county. We learnt about the countries flag, food, language and traditions and then did a small activity that was relevant. (for example Korea, we had to take our shoes off before entering the room, we learnt how to say hello and my name is, and then we had a food competition with chop sticks. New Zealand, we learnt about the Maori traditions and what their face marking meant and then we learnt the huka) Once we had done one country we all went back on the plane, shew another video clip and then took them to the next country. We did 4 countries all together,taking 15-20 minutes each. It was really good fun and helped each of the youth appreciate other peoples cultures and traditions. (It does help if you have someone from your ward who has served a mission in a different country or who is from a different country come and up arrange something for you).

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