American Idol Standards Night

It is based on American Idol we called it “Are YOU the next American Idol?” I just took all the contestants names on the show and changed them to fit topics of the standards in For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. For example Ace Young was changed to Ace “I’m Too Young” and he talked about dating. Taylor “Questionable Flicks” Hicks who talked about compromising when choosing what movies to see….etc…etc….

There were 10 or 12 different contestants and each one would explain their behavior and if it was good or not so good, we had people who resembled Simon, Paula and Randy and each one of them would respond if it was a good choice or a “horrible choice.” The script is written in true to form comments from all of them. Our host was of course Ryan “Secrets” who reavealed the secret to being an American Idol.

We also got the entire crowd involved by making the posters ahead of time and assigning sections of the crowd to scream and yell for the contestant they were assigned.

We even played the American Idol theme song each time a contestant came out and had the spotlights swirling around…lots of fun!

Download the American Idol Standards Night script in PDF or Word format here.

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