8 Fun October Mutual Activities for Fall Festivals

The weather is getting cooler, and it’s suddenly very nice to be outside!  Autumn is a great time to plan and hold Fun October Mutual Activities. Some of these ideas shared by leaders worldwide will be great for Fall Festivals on a ward or auxilary level.

LDS activity ideas for Fall:

  1. Glow-in-the-dark Volley ball
  2. “We do small pumpkin carving night. We have a Yw Halloween party. We dress up, have games,treats and fun music. We do the corn maze. It’s not scary. It’s just fun to get lost.” Rita S.
  3. “We have picked apples from members trees and made apple sauce.” Rita S.
  4. We’re doing a back to school bonfire (letting the youth make it and show off their fire making skills) with a fireside talk by one of our ym leaders (who is also a favorite teacher at the high school) then smores. He’s talking about the new school year and letting your light shine when it’s not always easy.” – Jennifer S.
  5. Instead of a trunk or treat our ward does Pumpkin Palooza. The youth are in charge of carnival type games for the primary kids and there is a chili cook off for dinner.” Sis H.
  6. “We had a quick lesson on the Holy Ghost then we made cute treat plates and went and ‘Boo-ed’ people in the ward, ding dong doorbell ditch style. It was fun!!” – Teresa G.
  7. Flour Wars
  8. Water Kickball

All of these ideas can be done on a small budget and with small to large groups of kids. We recently played Water Kickball in our unit and both youth and leaders loved it!


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