10 LDS Youth Conference Workshop Ideas

10 LDS Youth Conference Workshop Ideas

The following ideas were provided by Russ Johnson,  author of “The Ultimate LDS Youth Conference Planning Guide“:

  1. Girls Only: How to Catch a Boy’s Eye
  2. Boys Only: How to Catch a Girl’s Eye
  3. Signs of the Times
  4. Science vs. Religion
  5. What am I Worth?
  6. The Will to Win
  7. Music and Its Effect on You
  8. How to Throw a Party
  9. Raising Your Parents (Family Communication)
  10. 101 Reasons Why the Church is True

Here are some other workshops ideas to consider:

You can arrange a workshop on personal finance. As youth approach the threshold of adulthood, the participants will find it edifying to learn about how to manage money and to stay out of the debt trap.

If you are arranging your workshop at or near any military facility, you can get an expert to talk to them about self-defense and its necessity.

A workshop can be organized about how to choose your future career. The youth will learn how to build on their education, explore their options and develop habits which will lead them towards their chosen careers.

Consider including a workshop on Preach My Gospel. This can act as the guide for the youth to use this great tool for the missionaries or just to understand and ponder the words of the Lord.

Organize a workshop on how to become a better employee. Participants will learn about what to do and what not to do when they become employed and how to put their best foot forward.

Mission prep is another great idea for a workshop. It answers some basic questions regarding your future decision to serve amission. It will help the youth examine their skills and talents and whether these are suitable for mission life. They will also learn to cultivate good habits to prepare them in serving a mission.

Have a workshop focusing on the importance of daily scripture studies and how to go about them properly. This workshop can bring out the blessings such study will deliver.

The fact is that there is no limit to what topic you choose for your workshop as long as it has some connection with your theme. You can search your stake or ward to find people who are engaged in unusual pursuits and are passionate about their work and willing to talk about them to the youth. A successful workshop is one where all the youth are thoroughly involved and there is a lot of exchange of ideas and opinions.

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