Help Showing Videos at Church

Bible Videos Screen Capture

I know teachers with problems showing videos in church all over the world.  The church typically relies on the very lowest bandwidth residential connections it can get, which causes problems for a media-hungry curriculum like Come Follow Me.  The Come Follow Me site has a page that teaches you how to avoid the bandwidth crush as several teachers try to display the same videos during class at the same time….
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Pause It

Movie watching during class can be dull and non-interactive, and let’s be real, sleep-inducing when you’re teaching seminary early in the morning. I like this quote: Showing movies in class should not be a Friday fun day activity.  Okay, I don’t mind if you show them on Friday or even if students enjoy watching them.  However, students should not view watching a film in class as any less rigorous than…
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No Pianist!

Go to Click on “Library”. Choose a song you want to sing. Click on the play button that will show up as you mouse over the song to hear the MP3, OR, click the title and see the totally awesome music player. It will play your music at the tempo you choose and even transpose the music into a key you can sing. It’s FANTASTIC. We use it every…
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Hear and Watch

Use’s website to help students hear and read a talk. EXAMPLE: I asked the students if they had ever heard the story about “What have you done with my name?” Some had. I told them we’d watch a movie about names, and I asked them to listen for the role that commandments play in protecting our names. I put up What Have You Done with My Name by Elder…
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Wait for it

Determine before class what the main discussion points are in the material you will cover. Instruct students before you watch or listen to your media which main points to watch for as the media plays. “Wait for it” helps prepare students to participate in discussions and make relevant comments. It also helps movies or music used in class become learning opportunities instead of mere entertainment. I was trained at Seminary…
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