Link: 11 Alternatives to “Round Robin” (and “Popcorn”) Reading

By Becky Mike Edwards Becky Mike Edwards: Ideas for reading in class. 11 Alternatives to “Round Robbin” and “Popcorn” Reading. 3(1 hour ago) Read More Read more here:: Link: 11 Alternatives to “Round Robin” (and “Popcorn”) Reading

Write the Chapter Header

The purpose of this activity is for kids to learn to pick out what is the most important information in a section of scripture and to summarize it.  This is a valuable skill to learn for preparing talks or lessons. Hand each student a mini post it note.  Have them place the post it note over the chapter header of a certain passage.  Give students 3-5 minutes on a timer…
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Popcorn Reading

This is another form of student-directed randomized scripture reading. Students stand to read a verse and then call the name of someone else to stand and read the following verse. The kids are “popping” up to read. This is also a good technique when you’re doing Everybody Writes (each student writes a a brief response to something and then reports). Great for: Reading aloud, Reading a long passage, Helping shy students…
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Wait for it

Determine before class what the main discussion points are in the material you will cover. Instruct students before you watch or listen to your media which main points to watch for as the media plays. “Wait for it” helps prepare students to participate in discussions and make relevant comments. It also helps movies or music used in class become learning opportunities instead of mere entertainment. I was trained at Seminary…
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Gospel Cartoonist

Give each student a pencil and piece of paper. Tell your students that they will be cartoonists and should draw a cartoon of the story you are about to read aloud. Stick figures are perfectly okay — this is not about drawing skill, but it’s about picking out the most important details they hear from the story. Let them know they will get a chance at the end of the…
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Hey there, Delilah

This is the easiest way to engage kids in scripture reading in my opinion. You’ll need something soft like a beanbag or small stuffed animal. A wadded up piece of paper could even be used in a pinch. You may need to lay out some ground rules like : – do not aim above the shoulders – no overhand tosses – no repeats After you make your reading assignment and…
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Exciting Ways to Read Scriptures Aloud

One of the most boring things we do in class is go around the circle or down the row — in order — with every person reading a single verse of scripture aloud. Here are some very simple ideas you can use to keep students engaged while reading scripture passages aloud. Randomized Scripture Reading The following methods are ways to engage students by making assigned passages randomized. Hey there, Delilah!…
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