Daily Do Now and Friday Lottery

By Eric Jorgensen Eric Jorgensen: — A daily learning + get-to-know-you activity — I thought I would share a teaching practice that has been working really well for my class this year. I call it the “Daily Do Now and Friday Lottery”. It provides a social learning activity at the start of every class which provides a double incentive to come to seminary on time. (Credit: This idea is a…
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Who AM I?

By [email protected] (Pam Mueller) I have done this activity before to capture the attention of the students, have them involved and basically giving the lesson. On the board I put a picture of the person we will be studying under the rectangle of paper. Behind the circles are clues I pick a student to start us off, that person will choose a circle and read the description. Then choose another…
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Silent Time Line Sorting Game

Last week we were doing housekeeping things during class and did not get to cover the stories that students were reading in as much depth as I would prefer.  I used this method to quickly cover 4 chapters students had read before class, as an introduction to the next chapters in Acts. RULES: Each zone gets two identical sets of word strips, one for the zone leader, and a second…
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Chalk Talk

This idea came from a Pinterest post by Erin Guinup.  She didn’t post a link to a website, but posted a picture of her chalkboard from doing this activity that you can see at right. You can see her pin on my Seminary Pinterest page. Basically, you start with a topic.  Each student is given a piece of chalk to write on the board their responses to the writing prompt. …
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Three-Step Interview

During three-step interview, sttudents, in partners, interview each other, then report what they learn to another pair. This method helps students network with each other and develop communication skills. Step 1: Student A questions Student B Step 2: Student B questions Student A Step 3: Students A and B enter a small group discussion with Students C and D Hint: Useful as an icebreaker. For example, after reading a scripture…
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Students are asked to imagine themselves in a given situation, and are asked questions about the situation. For example Health Studies students being asked to imagine they are a child who has just been admitted to hospital. Students learning mission skills are asked what the investigator would be seeking. (See the document 25 Ways for Teaching Without Talking at .) Variation: You might ask students to read a passage…
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One Word

Have students come up with a single word that best describes a verse(s) or principle/doctrine. (Adapted from Panning for Gold: Various Methods to Understand and Apply the Scriptures to Ourselves by Eric Bacon, Northwest Area Seminaries) Great for: Eliciting thoughtful responses, Helping students find meaning in the scriptures, Lesson opener Class size: Any class size Helps Students: SEARCH the scriptures or text Prep Time:  Student Age: Any age Equipment needed: 

Chalk for Everyone

Pose a question, and then hand several students a piece of chalk with an invitation to write their answers up on the board. Other students can line up for a turn when they are ready to respond, or students may hand off the chalk to others in the class for responses. The best questions for this exercises are broad with short answers, like “What are some of the biggest myths…
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Scripture Tweet

Assign students a passage or set of several verses to read. Have students imagine they are the prophet who would like to tweet the main idea of this passage or set of verses to his followers. What might he write? What will tell followers the most important information in fewer than 140 characters? After a few moments, share the tweets. Encourage them to write the best tweets in the margin…
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Team Adds Details

Divide students into pairs and have one student tell [or write] a story from memory in as much detail as possible, with the second student adding in as much missing detail as possible. Now, the entire class looks over the story in the scriptures and adds in any additional details. The teacher and students work together to answer any questions that comes up. This activity could be done on a…
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Scripture Menu

Have kids read a set of scriptures or passage. Pick an Appetizer – verse(s) that tantalize your own spiritual taste buds Beverage – cross-reference that helps wash down the Main Dish Main Dish – verse(s) that give an overall understanding of the entire block or main principle Dessert – short phrase that is spiritual topping to it all This exercise could be done as individuals, as groups, or as a…
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60-Second Explorers

Tell students you will give them sixty seconds to find out everything they can about a certain passage. If this is the first time your students have done an activity like this, you may want to give them a chance to tell you some techniques they might want to use: reading the chapter header, checking the footnotes, skimming, watching for the paragraph markers, etc. Turn them loose. When the timer…
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