Scripture Mastery Devotional Preparation Activity Day

Scripture Mastery Games

This information was originally published at and sent out as part of Ken Alford’s email list to Seminary teachers. Scripture Mastery Devotional Preparation Activity Day This idea is similar to the idea above, but students are given time to prepare devotionals. If your students are like mine, devotionals are too often done “on the fly”. This activity day gives you and your students the opportunity to “fix it”. To make…
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What Stuck With You?

By Susie Waalkes Kershaw Susie Waalkes Kershaw: This group as been such a blessing and help-thank you so much to all that share ideas, encouragement, and insights. I thought I would share how our class is doing the “what stuck with you” idea. We have our own “sacred grove” and every Friday they add a leaf on what they learned that week. 53(3 hours ago) Jeanette Brooks: We do the…
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On the Spot

On The Spot

Courtesy of John Bushman: As a coordinator for S&I, it has not been my style to be very controlling.  It has been my goal to give great tips and helps, but in the end, the teachers decide what works for them or not. BUT… now I want to mandate something because it can be so VERY helpful to the teacher and the students.  With the teachers I coordinate, I want…
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Silent Time Line Sorting Game

Last week we were doing housekeeping things during class and did not get to cover the stories that students were reading in as much depth as I would prefer.  I used this method to quickly cover 4 chapters students had read before class, as an introduction to the next chapters in Acts. RULES: Each zone gets two identical sets of word strips, one for the zone leader, and a second…
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Time Line Ordering

If you’ve got a lot of material to cover in a short amount of time, you can cover the material more efficiently when you know what students already know about the topic.  One way to quickly assess student understanding of series of events is to give them strips of paper with the main events summarized as a list.  Have the class work in groups and race to sort the events…
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Chalk Talk

This idea came from a Pinterest post by Erin Guinup.  She didn’t post a link to a website, but posted a picture of her chalkboard from doing this activity that you can see at right. You can see her pin on my Seminary Pinterest page. Basically, you start with a topic.  Each student is given a piece of chalk to write on the board their responses to the writing prompt. …
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Write the Chapter Header

The purpose of this activity is for kids to learn to pick out what is the most important information in a section of scripture and to summarize it.  This is a valuable skill to learn for preparing talks or lessons. Hand each student a mini post it note.  Have them place the post it note over the chapter header of a certain passage.  Give students 3-5 minutes on a timer…
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Pop Quiz

Ah, the dreaded Pop Quiz. There’s a reason that this old-style teaching method hasn’t been thrown out: it’s super effective. This evil-sounding tool can be used by the wise teacher to help cover a lot of material very quickly, review previously studied material, or to determine how well students are understanding material.  Plus, it takes very little preparation time by the teacher. Write your questions. Your questions should be of…
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Styrofoam Slate

Each student has a Styrofoam plate, a wet wipe, and a regular (not permanent) marker. Ask students questions that can be answered in a few short phrases. They write their answers and flip over their plates. After a few moments, ask everybody to display their plates. I have used this as a lesson review quiz and as a Lesson opener to help me determine what students already understand about a…
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Group Drawing

My students love group drawing. It’s good for covering material that is easy to imagine visually. I have also used it to cover distressing topics — like the events preceding the second coming — because these events seem less frightening when sketched for some reason. I have done group drawing a couple of ways. One is to divide the class into small groups and have the whole group drawing at…
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Find the One-Liner

This technique is great for scriptures that have multiple great phrases of advice or wisdom, but that don’t require a whole lot of discussion to understand. Either have students go in order through a passage, or write scripture references on the board and use Hey There Delilah or Cold-calling to have random students read verses. When called on, each student should state the “one-liner,” or the words or phrases that…
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What’s the Headline?

You can do this as a group activity or as an individual activity. I generally do it as a group activity. Assign students a passage to read. Have students imagine they are newspaper reporters who are going to write a headline for this passage. What will they write? What headline will tell your readers the most important information in the fewest words? Give students a few seconds (I usually do…
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