Get Help With A Calling

Click on any of the links below to get help with a church calling.

LDS Young Women

Plan a Lesson Activities Personal Progress

More Help for Young Women callings

Relief Society

Plan a Lesson RS Leaders Visting Teaching

More Relief Society Help

LDS Primary

Plan a Lesson Solving Age-related Behavior Problems Primary Talks

More help for your LDS Primary calling

LDS Seminary

Plan a Lesson Teaching Techniques Scripture Mastery

Get more help for teaching Seminary

Other Callings

Following are links to our collection of ideas relating to other callings in the LDS Church. You’ll find activity ideas, tips, and more that may help you magnify your calling:

Activity Day Leaders
Bishopric or Branch Presidency
Camp Directors
Family History
Emergency Preparedness Specialist
Employment Specialists
Melchizedek Priesthood Leaders
Music-related Callings
Missionaries (ward or stake)
Literacy Specialist
Scout Leaders
Secretary – all
Sunday School Presidency
Teacher of Adults
Teacher of Children/Youth
Visiting Teaching Leader
Young Men Presidency
Youth Conference Directors


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