Frequently Asked Questions

I welcome your emails…

… but I answer the same questions over and over. This new document is to help cut back on my email load.

1. How can I share my handouts?

This website is so useful because of users like you who are willing to share their ideas and handouts! I get emails every single day from members around the world grateful for your shared talents. Thank you!

Here are some tips to make your submission go smoothly:

  • Go to the sharing forms and follow the step by step instructions.
  • Please include a description of some kind with your submission. Handouts with descriptions and a suggestion on how they can be used are the most helpful to me and others.
  • Please cite the source of any clipart you use. If your submission uses any clipart, please state where you got it from, so that I don’t violate any copyrights.

Other Stuff

  • I can not accept images that are copyrighted.
  • Sometimes, I may need to make changes to documents to make them display correctly on the website. I may see a typo or other problem and will make those changes, too, as I catch them. When you send a document to me, you are giving me permission to change it as needed and to distribute it online.

If this is too hard for you simply email your file as an attachment with a description to [email protected]! Thank you!

2. Back in the day, around the time the Earth was cooling, I heard about/read/performed a story/handout/skit/general authority quote… can you help me find it?

Everything I have is put online within a few days of my receiving it. Use the Google search on the left hand column of each page to search to see if I have what you need. Then try Google and Yahoo. Put quotes around the important phrases to help narrow your results. If you can’t find what you’re looking for using Google or Yahoo, it’s unlikely that I can either. I wish that I could be of more help :(.

If you are looking for something that is Young Women related, you may consider joining the lds-youngwomen Yahoo Group at and ask them for help. The group has an extensive archive of less-common scripts and activities that might be of help to you.

All others may make a post in the Forum at in order to make a public plea for help from other users.

3. Will you email me the handouts for … ?


If a file is missing, I can’t help. You have two options if a lesson does not have handouts yet. You can create one to share, or you can come back later in the week to see if someone else has shared theirs.

This website receives over 5,000 visitors a day, and I don’t have time to notify everyone if handouts are added. Come back on Saturday to see if new handouts have been posted.

4. I am having trouble downloading/opening something….

First things first:

  • Are you trying to open a .pdf file? Make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
  • Are you trying to open a .xls or .doc file? You must have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word.
  • Are you trying to open a .wpd file? You must have WordPerfect.
  • Are you trying to open a .odt file? You must have Open Office.

I will not give you instructions on how to download, buy, or install any of the software packages mentioned above. Sorry.

If you know you have the correct program to open a document, then there’s probably a bad link on the website. Be sure to include the full URL of the page or document where you noticed the problem in your message to me. The URL is found in your browser at the top of each page and starts with…

Please describe your problem as completely using the contact form as possible so that I can reproduce and repair it. Be sure to mention where you clicked when you had the problem.

5. After downloading something, I am having trouble printing or re-sizing it….

On each page where you can download clipart images is a list of the most common problems with links to the answers found in the forum. Please go back to the clipart section for help.

I can not give you instructions on how to paste or resize images on your computer or favorite program. I know it hurts, but you’ll just have to break down and read your manuals.

6. You don’t have enough Primary/Spanish/French/Scouting/Whatever stuff…

You’re right — the website isn’t all inclusive. I don’t expect it to ever be so. But I do allow people to share their handouts, and I invite you to share, too. Your submitted item will help others who are looking for the same things you are.

7. There is a typo, bad link, or other error with a file or page…

Thanks for letting me know! I rely on my users’ eagle eyes to help me to find and fix problems.

Since there are well over 100,000 possible pages on, please include the full URL of the page or document where you noticed the problem in your email, OR, you can apply to become an editor, which will allow you to fix mistakes every time you visit the website.

The URL is found in your browser at the top of each page and starts with “…”

8. I need written permission to use your clipart for ….

As stated in the Terms of Use, you may use the clipart for non-profit purposes that do not include racist, hate, or anti-Mormon sentiment. This includes, but is not limited to, Youth Conference or Camp T-shirts and items for church purposes that you will have printed professionally. Pretty much, as long as you aren’t using the clipart for profit, you have my written permission to use it as needed. You may print and give a copy of the full Terms found here to your printer.

I can not give you permission to use the Young Women or Relief Society logos found on on merchandise.

I can not give you permission to use images from (like the temple pictures or GAK images) that are linked to from this site.

9. I want permission to use your clipart for AWidgetIWillSell….

As stated in the Terms of Use, the clipart on this site may not be used for profit-making purposes. This includes books, journals, promotional materials, clothing, etc.

But “credit will be given, of course”….

I wish I had $1.00 for every time I’ve heard that exact phrase — actually make that a $1.11 to cover the tithe.

Giving me “credit” does not give you license to violate my stated Terms. There are no exceptions, and I will actively pursue legal action against violators of the Terms.

10. I need a specific item not found on your website. Will you make one for me?

Maybe. Unless you are looking for something that is of use to the general LDS populace, I just don’t have time to make custom clipart for individuals.

If your clipart creation request is of general use, please ask.

As stated on the site, the Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation form will be posted WHEN SOMEONE WRITES IT AND POSTS IT.

11. I saw something on your website that I can’t find now. Where is it?

Please use the cute little search box at top I have provided to help you look for items on this site. There is also an advanced search to help you limit or improve your search results.

You can also make a post in the forum to see if other users can help you.

12. Will you post a link to my business… OR are you interested in a business opportunity?

I am not interested in your business opportunity, no matter how lucrative, however, you may post a link to your business in the General Links section of the forum.

Do not post business links in other sections of the forum.

MLM businesses links are prohibited.

Get detailed instructions on how to promote yourself or business

13. Is your website “Church approved”?

This website is neither owned nor endorsed by the Church. It is not Church produced, nor has it been reviewed by the Curriculum Department. Read my long answer to this question in the Forum FAQ.

14. Your website is so cool… OR We have a lot in common…

Like everyone, I love to read thank yous and meet new people! I can usually respond to most emails, especially now that my email load will be cut back (thanks to this form), I hope.

15. When will you share the Primary Presentation?

As stated on the site, the Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation form will be posted when someone writes one and shares it. If you’ve found the presentation useful in the past, please consider writing one to share.

16. My question was not answered by this FAQ…

Please use the contact form to email us.

We are moving to where you can find Come Follow Me Lesson ideas for the new 2019 curriculum Dismiss