Young Women/Young Men Combined Activity

I want to do the airplane activity that you say you are taking them on a trip and then the plane crashes and they go to the three degrees of glory.


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Airplane activity

Hi Gail -- I used to have two skits for this activity listed on the website, but I took the skits down because I was having doubts about their doctrinal accuracy. Later I learned when a skit similar to these was performed in my current ward several years ago, it caused problems with some less active members -- actually driving them away from the Church, instead of teaching them about the degrees of glory as it is intended to do. Too often, the airplane crash skits use scare-you-into-repentance tactics instead of uplifing methods to teach about the plan of salvation.

I, personally, would avoid the airplane crash activity, but of course, rely on the spirit when you plan your activities. Only you and your unit's priesthood leaders have the right to revelation about planning activities for those under your stewardship.