printable calendar for yw?

Are there any free printable, young women calendars, for 2012? I need something that is mac compatible, and that I can plug information in. Thank you!




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I have a couple of 2012 YW

I have a couple of 2012 YW calendars available on my blog, www. If you have word-processing or graphic-editing software, you can edit them on your computer.

The first is one featuring the Arise and Shine Forth theme:
It is 11x8.5 and features a unique chandelier/damask background and scripture each month. Find Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr here:
May-Dec here:

The second one is a Personal Progress calendar
It is 6x6-inches and features a separate calendar page and a goal page for each month. This project is in a .pdf file, which you need Adobe Reader to use (you can get it for free from Find it here:

I also have a separate download with the calendar pages and goal pages in .jpeg format, which you could resize, and the goal pages in an interactive .pdf. Get them here: