Help with mom's and Personal Progress

I am trying to figure out how to get the mom's doing personal progress. The book says that moms can have daughters sign off their books for them-- giving a great opportunity to share testimony. HOWEVER I am not sure of a cute way to help the mom's get started or get excited about having an excuse to share their testimonies-- HELP please any ideas would help so very much!!!




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I am trying to figure out how

I am trying to figure out how to make cute PP handouts for my YW. Whenever I try to layer clipart, or design the handouts, it just doesn't come out there a computer program that works well for this?

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I am a mother of a YW and

I am a mother of a YW and decided that this summer I was going to start working with my daughter to help her complete her Personal Progress. I have invited other girls and their mothers as well. I think it is important that the YW leaders include any of the mothers that are also working on Personal Progress any time they are doing something that regards Personal Progress and passing something off. The YW leaders in my Ward don't do anything for Personal Progress and when they found out I was doing it too acted as if I was in the wrong. Have Personal Progress Nights and Invite the Mom's to them and make sure they feel welcome and are able to participate. I am a convert -that converted as an adult and didn't get to attend YW or do personal progress.

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I am a new YW Pres with very

I am a new YW Pres with very little YW experience. I heard from a friend that they had GREAT success with visiting every YW individually and it really gave a great boost to their PP. In our YW, the Laurels are losing interest. What we have planned is this: The member of presidency over each group, plus the advisor, is going to visit each YW individually, explain the reason for PP, and encourage her. Then the mother also gets a PP booklet, the encouragement to do it along with her daughter, a letter showing the progress of her daughter, and a card outlining "10 Easy Ways to Help Your Daughter With Personal Progress". As a Presidency and Advisors, we are encouraged to do it as well and we are going to let the girls record our progress in class. We are also going to have a fair number of Activity Nights where we split the girls by age, and each age group will have activities more specific to their interests---so we don't "lose" the Laurels with activities that are "beneath" them, or the Beehives to activities that are "above" them.