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I am pretty stressed out! My niece is getting baptized on Saturday. My husband is going to be baptizing her because her Dad and that side of the family isn't LDS. I am supposed to be giving a talk for the program but I need it to be understandable to the 8 years olds and not just their parents. On top of all this, her Dad and his family is coming but they are against her baptism. Is there any talks or quotes that I could say or use that would not offend them but still get the point across to her? Thanks



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That does sound stressful! Without knowing more details (and I hope you won't post any here, since you used your name for your nickname -- I wouldn't want someone to find this post later), I can't give you much specific help, but here is some general information.

Baptism talks don't have to be long -- 5-15 minutes is fine -- and a simple explanation of baptism, basically a definition (possibly scriptural) along with your testimony, is probably plenty.

For easy-to-understand baptism talk ideas, I'd go to and search for "baptism" and be sure to choose "Friend" from the pulldown menu.

I like the poem Washed Clean by Boyd K Packer, too.

Of course, prayer and fasting is the best way to get peace _and_ inspiration when you're facing difficult circumstances. May God Bless You in your efforts to prepare a talk that's appropriate for your audience!


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HELP!! I am new to the

HELP!! I am new to the Primary Presidency and I have a baptism on Saturday. I need some suggestions on what to say as the "welcome to Primary" talk. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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The new church Handbook no

The new church Handbook no longer has the Primary Presidency speaking at baptisms.  Our Stake Presidency has said no gift giving that day in order to focus on the ordinance (I believe I read this in the Handbook too).  During the "Eight is Great" at the beginning of the year is when the Primary Presidency speaks and treats and gifts happen. We gave each child an embroidered CTR towel they can use that day but what you can do depends on your Ward budget.  If you see a Ward where the Primary is still speaking at the baptism then they are following tradition and not the new Handbook guidelines.  This is actually very freeing for the Primary President since she is responsible for so many programs during the year and if she has a baptism 1-2x a month like we do then she is having to prepare a talk/comments for each child which can get extremely time consuming and that's time she's not spending with her own family.  We have a Primary of 150 children and I'm sure there are other Primary's in the same boat.  

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I've never given a Welcome to

I've never given a Welcome to Primary talk, but I have done the Welcome to Relief Society talk a few times.

I always just tell the person how excited I am that they've made this important decision, that I know it's a good one and that I haven't regretted "getting wet" all those years ago.

If I were doing the Primary talk, I might mention how the lessons change from CTR A/B to Valiant -- that now they teach scripture lessons because now we need to learn those lessons to be able to resist temptation. You could say that we have scriptures because people wrote down their experiences and encourage the child to write his/her experience today down so s/he can always remember it. I might also talk about Scouts or Activity Day girls.

Then I'd bear my testimony. The whole thing needn't be more than 2-3 minutes.

It's really not too bad -- after you do it once, it's easier than bearing testimony in Sacrament meeting.

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I am doing a cool activity

I am doing a cool activity for youngwomen and i need a short talk adout baptism... I've been looking around but it's like i can't find a realy realy good short but meaning full talk about baptism. Do you think you have something I could use?

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My son is getting baptized on

My son is getting baptized on saturday and I have been asked to give a little talk on baptism. I was thinking back to when I was baptized and I remember being given a blank key. What I cannot remember is what the key was for. I am sure it had something to do with the key to the kingdom of heaven but I honestly cannot remember the concept behind it. Does anyone have any suggestions on a talk or somehting that goes along with a key?

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You were probably given a key

You were probably given a key like the attention getter activity in this lesson:

And here's a quote: "“Baptism is a holy ordinance preparatory to the reception of the Holy Ghost; it is the channel and key by which the Holy Ghost will be administered. The Gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, cannot be received through the medium of any other principle than the principle of righteousness." History of the Church, 3:379; paragraph divisions altered; from a discourse given by Joseph Smith on June 27, 1839, in Commerce, Illinois; reported by Willard Richards.

Also this lesson from the seminary manuals invites teachers to draw a door on the board and then describe the symbolism of keys, one of which is the Key of Baptism. The key opens the door so we can live with our Heavenly Father again.

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please help, i was baptized

please help,
i was baptized about 2 weeks ago.
and now a girl i barely know is attending church and plans to be baptized this sunday.
she asked me to talk at her baptism and im super nervous..
i dont know how to tell her the things she needs to know,
shes 15 and i dont want her to think of the things i tell her as things she already knows, i want her to actually be interested and enjoy what i tell her, but it seems like that wont happen