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LDS GamesBrowse this list of LDS games to help you plan your next activity.  Yeah, we have the largest database of LDS games online.  Try our LDS activities page, too:

200+ LDS Games

  1. “the Plan” Life-Size Game: The Roadmap To Return
  2. {General Conference} Conference I Spy
  3. {General Conference} Conference I Spy
  4. {Sharing Time} Gospel Standards Taboo
  5. {Sharing Time} Successful Families Work Together
  6. 1 Corinthians 7-11, Cool Answers For Hot Topics
  7. 2 Corinthians 8-9, God Loveth A Cheerful Giver!
  8. 2 Nephi 21-22 & New Carpet
  9. 2Nd Annual Fhe Mutual & Pie-Eating Contest
  10. A night on the Town
  11. A Shoe About You
  12. Activities for Small Young Women Groups
  13. Acts 21-24 Time Line Word Strips
  14. Amazin’ Grace Activity
  15. American Idol Standards Night
  16. Annual Fhe For Mutual (& Pie-Eating Contest!)
  17. Article of Faith 1 Puzzle
  18. Articles of Faith Flash Cards
  19. Balloon Burst
  20. Balloon Pop Game
  21. Battle of the Sexes
  22. Battleship
  23. Be A Friend Puzzle Front
  24. Beatitudes Memory Game
  25. Bingo Blessing
  26. Bingo Squares
  27. Blank Box or Cube Pattern
  28. Blow-Out
  29. Book Exchange
  30. Book of Mormon Review Quiz 1: Introduction to Enos
  31. Book Review
  32. Border – Circle (Award)
  33. Brains and Brawn
  34. Bucket Game
  35. Bucket Shoot and Chase
  36. Camp Hidden Pictures
  37. Campcraft Contest
  38. Card Toss
  39. Cat and Mouse
  40. Cat and Mouse
  41. Cat’s Claw
  42. Chariot Racing
  43. Chase, Pull and Shoot Relay
  44. Chewy Checkers
  45. Choice and Accountability Game – Game of “Light”
  46. Choice and Accountability Game — Game of “Light”
  47. Choose Your Own Adventure
  48. Circle the Clues
  49. Communication Charades
  50. Communication-Telephone Game
  51. Conference quiz night
  52. Cooking Challenge
  53. Countdown (aka Golf)
  54. Creation Matching Game
  55. CTR Hemp Bracelets
  56. CTR Jeopardy
  57. CTR Jeopardy Trivia Rules
  58. Cup Tower
  59. D&C 22-23 Who am I?
  60. Daddy / Daughter game (Newlywed style)
  61. Dance Dance Revolution
  62. Darts (can be used with magic squares)
  63. Discovering Your True Identity – (Daughters of Heavenly Father)
  64. Don’t Axe the Turkey
  65. Don’t get caught without…
  66. Easter Egg Punch Board
  67. Egg Drop
  68. Egg Drop
  69. Envelope Game
  70. Faith Factor
  71. Faith Factor Game
  72. Family Feud Mormon Style
  73. Family History Mother/Daughter Party
  74. Family Unity Gameboard & Cards
  75. Father’s Day Yummy Checkers
  76. File Folder Game: Tithing 1
  77. Flour Game
  78. Fly Swatter Game
  79. Fly Swatter Game for One Scripture Mastery Passage
  80. Friendship Matching Game
  81. Fruit Basket Turnover and Human Tic Tac Toe
  82. Fruit Basket Upset
  83. Game – Armour of God Game
  84. Game Ideas For Combined Ym/yw Or Joint Activities
  85. General Conference Activity Book – 1 of 6
  86. General Conference Bingo
  87. General Conference Bingo
  88. General Conference Bingo – 1 of 2
  89. General Conference Bingo – 2 of 2
  90. Generic Game Board
  91. Gestures Silent Chase (can be used with Magic Squares)
  92. Get to Know You – LDS Bingo
  93. Get To Know You Game Night
  94. Get to Know You Questions
  95. Getting to Know You
  96. Getting to Know You Game~ Scavenger Hunt for YW
  97. Giant Soccer
  98. Gigantic file with D&C Scripture Mastery Games
  99. Glenn?’s Game
  100. Glow in the Dark Seminary Game
  101. Go Fish
  102. Going to the Temple Game
  103. Good Works Game
  104. Gorilla Ball
  105. Gospel Feud WITH Survey Results
  106. Gospel Relay
  107. Gospel Treasure Hunt
  108. Grab Bag
  109. Gratitude and the 10 Lepers – Crossword puzzle and lesson
  110. Group wall post by Cheryl Elliott Belnap
  111. Happy New Year!
  112. He Sent His Son Jeopardy!
  113. Heads Up
  114. Help The Family Get Sealed Game
  115. Hidden Pictures Key
  116. High Card
  117. House Wife Olympics
  118. Huck-in Lucky
  119. Human Foosball
  120. Hunger Games – Scripture Mastery Style
  121. Hymn and Hers – YM/YW Combined Activity
  122. I Am Going To Decieve You
  123. I Have, Who Has?
  124. Ice-Blocking Activity
  125. Incredible Unidentifiable Edibles Dinner
  126. Individual Worth Activity: 7 BOOKMARKS
  127. Indoor Games and Activities for kids
  128. International Cuisine Night
  129. Itty Bitty Mormon City Scavenger Hunt Game
  130. Itty Bitty Mormon City Scavenger Hunt Game – Pictures
  131. JELLO Festival
  132. Jenga with a Twist
  133. Joseph Smith Jeopardy Game
  134. Joseph Smith Mutual Activity (Joseph Smith Jeopardy)
  135. Joseph Smith Review Game
  136. July Primary Singing Time Mustaches and Games
  137. Kellee’s KeyWord Matching Race
  138. King of the Mountain
  139. Law of Moses Game
  140. LDS Cranium
  141. LDS Games
  142. LDS Luau
  143. Learning and Living the Gospel Jeopardy
  144. Lehi’s Vision Activity
  145. Life sized PAC MAN combined activity
  146. Link: Memes and Quotes from LDS General Conference October 2014
  147. Little Girls’ Night – Get to Know You Activity
  148. M&M Get-To-Know You Game
  149. Map Puzzle
  150. March Madness, Baby!
  151. March Madness, Baby! ? (for the classroom)
  152. Master Mind
  153. Mastery Madness
  154. Matthew 27 Questions
  155. Memorization Relay
  156. Menu Planning Sheet for Mystery Dinner
  157. Minute To Win It Combined Activity
  158. Missionary Family Feud Questions and Responses
  159. Mormon Clue
  160. Mormon Clue
  161. Mormon Clue and Fondue!
  162. Mormon Jeopardy
  163. Mormon Jeopardy Game
  164. MormonAd Night
  165. Moroni 8…
  166. Mother/daughter game – Newlywed Game Style
  167. Mothers Day Activity / Childcare Seminar
  168. Move One
  169. Mr. Hot Potato – Scripture Mastery Game
  170. Music Concert or Music Festival
  171. Musical Chairs
  172. Musical Paper Plates
  173. My “how To Sing” Hearts / Heart Darts Game
  174. Nativity – Matching Game
  175. New Beginnings Game Night
  176. New Era Bowl
  177. New Member/Inactive Welcome
  178. New testament scripture mastery MAD GAB with answers
  179. Numbers Game
  180. Nursery Game
  181. Obedience is easier with the help of a friend
  182. Old Testament Family Feud
  183. Old Testament Mad Gab (Scripture Mastery) Game submitted by
  184. Old Testament Walk-Through
  185. Old Testament Who Wants to Be A Millionaire – Genesis to 1 Samuel
  186. Out of Thin Air
  187. Personal Preparedness Jeopardy
  188. Personal Progress TABOO
  189. Photo Scavenger Hunt
  190. Pin The Egg In The Easter Basket
  191. Pinewood Derby
  192. Pioneer Games
  193. Plate Toss
  194. Played Disney headbands
  195. Pop Can Golfing
  196. Priesthood Finger Puppets
  197. Primary 3, Lesson 9 Priesthood Blessings & Ordinances Memory Game
  198. Primary Bingo Game – Cards
  199. Primary Bingo Game – Markers
  200. Primary Meet Your Teacher Pajama Breakfast
  201. Primary Singing For 4Th Of July Match The Socks Or Hula Hoop Games!
  202. Primary Singing Time BINGO GAMES!
  203. Prophets and Apostles
  204. Questions Jumble, A FHE Game
  205. Race-storation 2
  206. Relief Society Activity “Iron Chef Chocolate”
  207. Relief Society Bingo
  208. Relief Society Bingo
  209. Relief Society Trivia
  210. Restoration Puzzle
  211. RS Bingo (Portuguese)
  212. Say Yes To The Dress / Project Runway Modesty Activity
  213. Scattergories
  214. Scavenger Hunt
  215. Scriptionary Game
  216. Scriptionary in Spanish
  217. Scripture Man
  218. Scripture March Madness Mastery Relevance Brackets
  219. Scripture Mastery Double or Nothing
  220. Scripture Mastery Guess the Card then Chase
  221. Scripture Mastery Mix it Up
  222. Scripture Mastery Muffin Cup Game
  223. Scripture Mastery Road Rally Game
  224. Scripture Memory – The 8 Best Game
  225. Scripture Study Helps Jeopardy – Book of Mormon
  226. Scripture, Scripture, Who Has the Scripture
  227. Seagull and Crickets Memory Game
  228. Secret Combo Meal
  229. Seminary Mom: Revving Review Game
  230. Seminary Mom: Spiritual Toss Across Game
  231. Service Scavenger Hunt
  232. Service Scavenger Hunt
  233. Serving Others
  234. Sharing Time Missionary Cube Game
  235. Shock Ball
  236. Slap Jack
  237. Slap the Card
  238. Sock ’em
  239. Speed-Friending & Clothes Swap – Multi-Ward Yw Activity
  240. Spin the Dreidel
  241. SPIT (S-PIT)
  242. Splish Splash Scripture Bash – Primary Quarterly Activity
  243. Spoons with a Twist
  244. Stick Pull Challenge
  245. Suck Up
  246. Sunday School Jeopardy Review
  247. Survivor Challenge
  248. Taboo
  249. Teacher Crossword
  250. Teaching with Puzzles
  251. Telepaper
  252. Tell Me Who You Are, Apostles Game
  253. Temple Marriage Maze
  254. The Amazing KNOWLEDGE Race
  255. The First Week: Study Helps Jeopardy – Mentors/Minions
  256. The Importance of Following Directions
  257. The Old Testament Name Game Cards
  258. The Simon/Satan Says Game
  259. The Suzie Homemaker Awards
  260. The Toilet Paper Game
  261. The Web Game
  262. Tossers and Chasers
  263. Turkey Shoot
  264. Unscrambler Challenge
  265. Using Camp Tools Contest
  266. Video: DIY marshmallow shooter
  267. Water Balloon Volleyball
  268. Water Softball
  269. What Do You Remember?
  270. What Were you Thinking?
  271. What’s on my back?
  272. White Elephant
  273. Who AM I?
  274. Wok and Talk
  275. Word of Wisdom Crossword Puzzle
  276. Word of Wisdom Crossword Puzzle – Printable Clues
  277. Young Women Value Quest
  278. Yw (Family) Feud – Come Unto Christ 2014 Youth Theme
  279. YW Maze
  280. Yw Theme Taboo Game


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3 thoughts on “LDS Games

  1. I’m using win 10. How can I change the cat, question and answers? I would like to connect my computer to HDMI in put and use w/audience.

  2. I was assigned to teach the YW/YM a couple weeks ago for a combined 5th Sunday class, and decided to make it a game. I google searched for ideas, trying to see what other people have done in the past, and there were some really great ideas. From those ideas, I borrowed a little bit from this idea, and a little bit from that idea, and came up with the following game, all thanks to the ideas from teachers before me who have shared their ideas online. So I am in their debt, and I thought it only right that I should pay it forward by sharing the game that was created out of their collected ideas.
    So here’s how it goes. Keep in mind, in my ward, we have a pretty small group of youth (about 10), so you may need to adjust the details to better fit the size of your group. For us, I asked all the leaders to play too so that it made the groups bigger (and so there was a clear separation of which adults helped which team if a kid didn’t know an answer).
    I had them split into two groups, with an even ratio of boys to girls, and adults to youth.
    There are 5 categories of questions, and each of the five category titles are taped across the top of a wall. There are 10 questions per category. Like Jeopardy, each question in a given category is worth an ascending amount of points (Question 1 is worth 100 points, question 2 is worth 200 points, and so on). So under each category, is taped 10 sheets of paper, each with the number of points it represents (again in ascending order from top to bottom). For anyone that’s seen Jeopardy, I’m sure you get the idea.
    A coin is flipped to determine which team goes first (let’s say it was Team 1).
    As the first member of each team approaches the “mark”, the member from Team 1 gets to choose which category and number of points. Then for the next round, the member from Team 2 gets to choose. In theory, the larger the points, the harder the question. Only you have an idea of how much your kids know, so only you can decide which questions you consider are harder than others. So when you get to the list of questions I came up with, what I may have considered a 1000 point question for my group, might be more of a 400 point question for yours. Feel free to adjust as necessary.
    Something else to keep in mind, if you have an even number of members on each team, then the same people will always be the ones to get to choose. In this case, once you’ve gone through a full rotation, switch to the other side, so that everyone has a chance to be the “chooser”.
    After a selection is made, you’ll read the corresponding question. But here’s where the Memory part of the game comes into play. Players will not blurt out the answer, instead, before them, laid out on the floor in neat 5 x 10 rows, are 50 paper plates, each with an answer to one of the 50 questions, taped to the bottom of it. As soon as you’ve read the question, the players must find the plate with the corresponding answer and hold it up as soon as they’ve found it. You’ll need a fairly large space for this because you want to have the plates spread out as much as possible so the kids aren’t on top of each other. Also, you’ll need to establish one very important game rule: All plates must always be laid back down in the same spot with the answer on the bottom as soon as they’ve determined it’s not the right answer. That’s important for the memory part of the game to work. As the players come back through the rotation for another question, they’ll find they remember where they saw that answer the last time they were searching through the plates (so long as it’s still in the same place). It also might help to use different colored plates, or in my case, because all I had were white paper plates, I took 5 markers and colored in a large circle on the top each plate. It’s up to you how you want to lay them out. The color is just to help with memory (“oh I remember seeing that answer on a red plate somewhere on the left side!”).
    Once a player has successfully found the plate with the correct answer, the winner can pull the piece of paper from the wall that reflected the points it represented. This serves two purposes. One, it lets everyone know which questions are left to choose from. And two, at the end of the game, the teams can each just count up the points on their papers, no need for someone to actively keep score throughout the game.
    That’s pretty much the logistics of the game. The kids seemed to really have fun with it, and even the adults enjoyed it too.
    So, if you’re curious to know the questions I came up with, here they are. Feel free to use them, or come up with your own. And as I mentioned earlier, adjust their worth in points as you see fit. (Also, if you replace any questions with your own, just make sure the answer doesn’t already exist in the game for another question. Every question should only match up to one plate that can answer it.)
    Category 1: Church History
    Q1: Who was the second prophet of the church?
    Q2: When the church was reorganized in 1830, what state were they in?
    Q3: How old was Joseph Smith when he went into the woods to pray and two personages appeared to him?
    Q4: What state has the most temples?
    Q5: How many times did Moroni appear to Joseph Smith telling him where the find the plates?
    (*Note: notice I didn’t ask how many times “during the night”….I asked how many times, as in “total”).
    Q6: Utah is referred to as the…”what”…state, which also represents the youngest members in Young Womens?
    Q7: On the very first day that the church was first reorganized, how many members did it have?
    Q8: Who was the first scribe to help Joseph Smith in translating the Book of Mormon?
    Q9: What was Joseph Smith’s wife’s name?
    Q10: In which state was the first LDS temple built and dedicated?
    (*Note: notice that I added “and dedicated” as that does make a difference since there was another temple built prior but was never dedicated).
    Category 2: Scripture Trivia
    Q1: How many articles of faith are there?
    Q2: What was the Book of Mormon originally made out of?
    Q3: What is the last book in the Book of Mormon?
    Q4: In which of the 5 scriptures can you find the book of Isaiah?
    Q5: In which of the 5 scriptures can you find the book of Jacob?
    Q6: In which of the 5 scriptures can you find the book of Abraham?
    Q7: In which of the 5 scriptures can you find the book of Hebrews?
    Q8: Which book in the Old Testament can you find the story of Adam and Eve?
    Q9: Which book in the New Testament can you find the parable of the Prodigal Son?
    Q10: How many sections are in the Doctrine & Covenants?
    Category 3: Bible Stories
    Q1: What did Noah build to carry all the animals?
    Q2: What rule did Samson have to follow in order to keep his strength?
    Q3: How many plagues were inflicted onto the people of Egypt because Pharaoh refused to obey Moses?
    Q4: What weapon did David use to slay Goliath?
    Q5: What kind of animals den was Daniel thrown into after being caught praying to God?
    Q6: What did King Solomon suggest to cut in half in order to resolve an argument between two women?
    Q7: What possession did Joseph have that made all his brothers jealous enough to sell him into slavery?
    Q8: What did Lot’s wife become after she turned around?
    Q9: What was the name of the structure that was built in order to reach to the heavens so they could be like God?
    Q10: Which of the 12 Apostles denied Christ 3 times?
    Category 4: Gospel Trivia
    Q1: What is the highest degree of glory?
    Q2: Who is the third member of the Godhead?
    Q3: What does the sacrament bread and water represent?
    Q4: How many General Authorities are in the quorum just underneath the 12 Apostles?
    Q5: At what age is the earliest you can be baptized in our church?
    Q6: Who on this earth is allowed to exercise all the keys of the Priesthood?
    Q7: Which priesthood comes after Aaronic?
    Q8: What is it called when an ordinance is performed in the temple that links you to another family member for eternity?
    Q9: What type of blessing tells you which tribe you belong to?
    Q10: Who is the head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?
    (*Note: this one may not be a 1000 pointer question…I only made it higher because I thought it might be sort of a trick question since some kids might first assume the answer is the Prophet)
    Category 5: Finish this Sentence
    Q1: Faith without works is ______.
    Q2: Let he who hath no sin, cast the first ______.
    (*Note: So this one I ran into a small issue, obviously the answer to this one is stone. However, earlier in the game, Q4 from Bible Stories came up. Now I had “sling” as the answer to that question. But one of the kids found the plate with “stone” first and held that up as the answer. Technically, stone could be considered an answer to that question, even though it wasn’t the one I intended. After I informed them that “stone” isn’t actually the answer I was looking for, the player from the other team found “sling” and got the points. Luckily, the first kid was a good sport, and didn’t mind that the points went to the other team when technically his answer wasn’t wrong. But I wanted to bring this up to explain the importance of why its necessary that each question only has one plate that can answer it.)
    Q3: Charity never _______.
    Q4: As I have loved you, _______ _____ _______.
    Q5: And God said, Let there be ________.
    Q6: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only _______________ _____.
    Q7: The Lord is my ________.
    Q8: Adam fell that men might be; and mean are that they might have ______.
    Q9: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the __________ __ ________.
    Q10: Every member a ___________.


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