Yw Theme Taboo Game

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Despite our best efforts, sometimes the class activities we have planned just don’t stretch out the entire 1 1/2 hours of Mutual, so I was trying to think of some things we could do that would be good time-fillers, but also fun and semi-educational (and not time-wasters)…
The Mia Maids in our ward are really into games. I got the idea to make a YW theme Taboo style game from a pin on Pinterest about Burlap & Denim. Taboo is the game where you try to get your partner to say the word at the top of the card (but you can’t say any of the words on the card in the process). Having a game like this that focuses on YW related things (like the YW Values and other church-related topics) is a good way to re-emphasize those things in a fun way.

Burlap & Denim has a whole set of (free) pre-designed cards that you can just print out onto cardstock and then cut-out. If you have the Taboo board game (or can borrow or buy one used) you can even use the Taboo card holder (shown here in Burlap & Denim’s photo):

When I was in the office supply area at the store yesterday, I saw that they had Avery printable flash-card sheets, so I thought I would save myself some time by printing the cards onto pre-cut flashcards. I thought it would be good to have pre-perforated cards so that I didn’t end up with any odd-shaped cards because I’d cut them by hand. However, my genius plan didn’t work out because the size/quantity per page of the flashcards I purchased didn’t fit with the size/quantity per page of the pre-designed cards from Burlap & Denim…so I had to improvise.

I had purchased the Avery Custom Print Flash Cards (56 count), but they are also available in larger  quantities (100, 200, etc). The package I bought was under $5.

Using the Avery online template that goes with the flashcards I bought, I used some of the ideas from Burlap & Denim and also created some of my own cards.

If you decide to make your own cards using the Avery printable flashcards like I did, please note that they will not fit in the Taboo game card holders. You could also use the Avery online template (4780) to make your own cards and print them on cardstock if you want to make all your own cards without actually purchasing the printable flashcards, but they will not fit into the Taboo card holders either.

The only way that I could find to easily print these cards so that they will fit in the Taboo card holders is to use plain cardstock and Burlap & Denim‘s pre-designed cards.  I don’t have any Taboo game card holders anyhow, so I plan to have the girls just hold the stack of cards.

Here are the cards I made (16 total). You might need to make more cards if you have a larger group.I still have a lot of blank flash-card sheets leftover, so I will probably add more later as the girls get really good at guessing these!

I thought it would be fun to have a “sample” card that could be used to teach (or remind) the girls how to play without taking one of the real playable cards out of circulation (because everyone would see the answer when I demonstrated), so I created this special “Sister Rogers” card (about myself)…that I hope they will think is funny…


PURPOSE: Create a fun and church-based game for those weeks when your class activity runs short!COST: $5 or less, depending on paper used to print cards.

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