Young Women In Excellence: Movie Night!

By Ashley

This was our YWIE last year. I thought it was low key, budget friendly, fun evening for the girls.
We called it “The Divine Daughters Awards”
We filmed a 30 sec clip of all the girls telling/showing us what they did for their project/experience. Then, we set up a “movie” in the Relief Society room. Had a red carpet, movie projector screen, and popcorn bar.
This was our program
(click to enlarge)

You’ve probably seen this floating around the web:
Stand for Truth And Righteousness
We took head shots of all the girls and put them on the stars and hung them from the ceiling.

Crepe paper banner
cheap and easy

The girls head shots printed on paper and made to look like a filmstrip around the room.

Source:: Apples 4 Bookworms – Ashley

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