Young Women In Excellence 2013

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Our Young women in Excellence theme this year was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (Wizard of Oz)
Invitations (I purchased the die-cut paper on Etsy, then rubber-stamped the shoes with red ink. Hand-wrote the information, then added some gingham ribbon with a small brad)

Refreshment table (Emerald city theme, with yellow-brick road rice krispies, rainbow lollipops, rainbow fruit skewers, and melted-witch punch. My youngest daughter’s tiny ruby slippers are on there, too!)
These were ‘take homes’ for the girls to remember this night. Ruby slipper necklaces. I bought the charms on Etsy here for less than $1 each. You can buy chains, but they are a little spendy if you have a lot of girls. I made my own ball chain necklaces with some materials I already had. This is not hard to do – you can buy ball chain (get the smallest kind- 1.5mm) and cut it to the length you want, then add the connector). This is the kind I used here. This is easy and much cheaper than purchasing a lot of pre-made chains.  To add a charm like this that doesn’t have its own little jump-ring (that little circle that keeps your charm facing the right way), you will need to buy some (seperate) and add yourself (just pull apart with pliers, then close back together around the hole in the charm. Then string the chain through the jump ring. You can purchase these at Walmart or anyplace that sells jewlery supplies – they are about $2 for a huge bag of them. Finally, I cut out yellow cardstock decorated to look like the yellow brick road and wrote their name on each one, then punch holes for the necklace to fit through. This was put inside a little green bag (as shown).We made these ‘take-homes’ for the parents, too. Its a copy of For the Strength of Youth, but I wrote a message from the the YW Presidency about how its part of our mission to support them as parents and that sort of thing. I encouraged them to become familiar with FTSOY so that they will know what is being taught (this was especially geared towards less-active or part-member families, but everyone can use a refresher!)We displayed our Personal Progess board and our Young Womanhood Recognition plaque. For the presentation of the Value Colors, the girls put their colored flags in a white cake.

We tried to focus primarily on Personal Progress, since that is the purpose of YWIE. Here is what we planned for our program (I left the names out, but you get the idea!):

Conducting- (Laurel Class President)

Opening Song- “Count Your Blessings,” Hymn 241

Opening Prayer- 

Brief Explanation of “Personal Progress”- (Young Women President)

Presentation of Value Colors (Assigned to various Young Women)

Youth Speaker – (A Young Woman who has been doing well at Personal Progress)

Slideshow Presentation And Musical Number – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” (performed by a YW)

Bishopric Remarks- 

Closing Prayer- 

Following the prayer, we had refreshments and viewing of display tables:Just a few examples of some of the girls’ display tables

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